January 2023

Gershwin Fascinating rhythm 09026632942

Gershwin: Fascinating Rhythm (RCA)

A welcome back to this astutely selected slice of Gershwin on Broadway [JW]

Handel Acis 4529732

Handel: Acis and Galatea (Decca)

A thoroughly welcome reissue that enshrines many of the virtues Handelian performance in the ‘pre-authentic’ era [PCG]

Humour and Classical Music: Haydn

by David Barker

Mayr: Sacri Concentus (Challenge)

The performers are pretty much ideal advocates of Mayr’s oeuvre [JV]

schubert CC 72803

Schubert: Symphony Nos 5 & 6 (Challenge)

Well-crafted accounts which would sometimes benefit from a lighter touch [MG]

Brazilian Music for Chamber Orchestra

Serenata (Naxos)

Graceful and charming but not at all Brazilian [DJB]

Bach flute TTK0092

Bach: Flute Sonatas (TRPTK)

Aysha Wills is on pleasing form with this period-instrument recording of four of Bach’s flute sonatas [MC]

Bernstein dow 63581

Bernstein: How Now, Dow Jones (RCA)

A Broadway flop takes a bow [NB]

Ferras memoire RH023

Christian Ferras (violin) (Rhine Classics)

A 5-CD, finely upholstered salute to a great musician [JW]

Dufay: L’alta bellezza (Arcana)

This disc is my first acquaintance with Alta Bellezza, and it is a most pleasant one [JV]

Stravinsky symphonies CHSA5315

Stravinsky: Symphonies (Chandos)

Superb new recordings of the Stravinsky symphonies with worthwhile extras [SB]

Igor Markevitch – Philips Legacy (Eloquence)

Recommended to all collectors of great 20th century conductors [GT]

Stradella La Circe CDS7910

Stradella: La Circe (Dynamic)

This recording shows that Stradella was one of the great composers of the 17th century [JV]

de Hartmann: Orchestral Works (Toccata)

Fascinating music written on an epic scale played with skill and conviction – an exciting discovery [NB]

Dambrosio violin 96727

d’Ambrosio: Violin & Piano (Brilliant)

A collected look at the charming art of salon master Alfredo d’Ambrosio [JW]

sibelius symphonies 645

Sibelius: Symphonies 3 & 5 (Alpha)

Another winner in this series of Sibelius symphonies, suites and tone poems [RMo]

Fuoco Sacro Naxos

Fuoco Sacro (Naxos)

Very interesting content, marred by some sound issues and a jumpy narrative flow [DJB]

Gieseking graphophone 902962455

Walter Gieseking (piano) Graphophone (Warner Classics)

A splendid collection [SG]

Vienna calling CC077

Vienna Calling (Samek)

A well-balanced recital of clarinet music from Vienna [JF]

Rore divino 209

de Rore: Il divino (Hortus)

Madrigals and instrumental works with ornamentation and divisions as they may have been heard five hundred years ago [GH]