March 2023

schutz auferstehungshistorie accentus

Schütz: Auferstehungshistorie (Accentus Music)

A fine performance of Schütz’s masterpiece [JV]

schmitt salome apaches

Schmitt: La Tragédie de Salomé (B Records)

An expert and fascinating exposition of the full version of Florent Schmitt’s ballet score [JQ]

barstow final scenes decca

Josephine Barstow (soprano) Final Scenes (Decca)

For me, the two outer tracks alone make this anthology of final scenes compulsory [RMo]

milford organ priory

Milford: Complete Organ Works (Priory)

An excellent recording of little-known music by a pupil of Vaughan Williams and contemporary of Finzi [MSt]

mignone guitar azul

Mignone: Complete works for solo guitar (Azul Music)

Revelatory for the uninitiated [ZT]

senfter viola hanssler

Senfter: Complete works for viola & piano (Hänssler Classic)

Regerian inheritances haunt Johanna Senfter’s unsettled and largely melancholic viola works [JW]

Mozart’s Die Entführung aus dem Serail

A survey by Ralph Moore

studer legacy claves

Michael Studer (piano) The Legacy (Claves)

(Déjà Review) Buy it for the Bach, and become enthralled by the rest [DC]

puccini turandot lombard

Puccini: Turandot (Warner Classics)

(Déjà Review) The pleasure that Caballé’s beautiful tone and imaginative approach gives is enormous [JS]

Dove: In Exile (Lyrita)

Music and performance can be recommended without reservation [JQ]

Nebra & Corselli: Cantatas (Pan Classics)

Another step toward full appreciation of Spanish music of the 18th century [JV]

Glière: String Quartets (DUX)

Attractively confident and assured quartets in dramatic, virtuosic readings [NB]

Bronisław Gimpel (violin) Violin Concertos (Biddulph)

Gimpel’s Vox concertos: rich in virtuosity, glamour and colour [JW]

Malipiero, Ghedini & Casella: Cello & Orchestra (Naxos)

Ghedini’s work is the standout on this well-played, interesting disc [GPu]

Claudio Arrau (piano) The Complete Warner Classics Recordings (Warner Classics)

Aristocratic, authoritative and poetic performances [SG]

Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Piano Music (SOMM)

(Déjà Review) All credit to Bebbington and Somm for opening this stimulating door [RB]

Mussorgsky: Symphonic Transcriptions by Stokowski (Deutsche Grammophon)

(Déjà Review) A fine new recording of Stokowski’s vividly orchestrated responses to Mussorgsky’s music [CT]

Barrueco: Complete Recordings (Warner Classics)

A goldmine for guitar aficionados, and general music lovers, too; the excellence of the playing can be taken for granted [GF]

Dukas: Complete Piano Music (Piano Classics)

Maltempo captures the romantic sweep of the music and its nuances wonderfully well [JF]

Iannaccone: Looking Back, Moving On (Navona Records)

Aureate radiance: radiant in calm; radiant in storm [RB]

Kapustin: Piano Concerto 5 (Capriccio)

Kapustin’s jazz-based music brought to life in brilliant fashion [JW]

Maskats: Tango (Ondine)

Attractive, often beautiful works in superb performances and recordings, worth repeated hearing [HC]

Schreker: Irrelohe (Sony Classical)

Exotically scored but melodically diffuse, this melodrama is given the best possible advocacy [RMo]

Allegri: Miserere (Coro)

(Déjà Review) Those famous tumbling high Cs in the Allegri are piercing in their exaltation – tonal splendour and vocal blend a joy throughout [TH]