The Life and Music of Elizabeth Maconchy (Boydell & Brewer)

An intellectually rewarding book, both absorbing and enlightening [SG]

portechiuse tato 9791281306066

Porte Chiuse (Closed Doors) – (Maurizio Vetri Editore)

Absorbing reading for anyone able to read Italian and interested in Italian post-war history, both musical and political [CH]

bliss biography spicer

Sir Arthur Bliss – Standing out from the Crowd

A comprehensive and vivid picture of Sir Arthur Bliss [JQ]

Speaking Musically (Royal Academy of Music Press)

Weighty, serious and far-striding interviews; a rich resource [RB]

moorland butterworth lyrita

Moorland Symphonies (Lyrita)

A successful and informative introduction to this appealing composer’s work [NB]

bruckner book carragan

Anton Bruckner: Eleven Symphonies (Bruckner Society of America)

A highly informative and accessible guide through the thickets of Bruckner scholarship [RMo]

Simonsens of St Kilda Neill Per Diem Projects 1399942190

The Simonsens of St. Kilda (Per Diem Projects)

An engaging, insightful and interesting read [MMB]

moorland symphonies butterworth lyrita

Moorland Symphonies (Lyrita)

Does extremely well in introducing the reader to the man and his music [RB]

Manchester beethoven 1526155680

Manchester Beethoven Studies (Manchester University Press)

A variegated ocean of writing by and for the worlds of deep dive enthusiasts and academics [RB]

Alphons Diepenbrock: The Life, Times and Music of a Dutch Romantic Composer (Toccata Press)

A rewarding read [SG]

lauri-volpi parallel voices

Parallel Voices (Edizioni Bongiovanni)

A wide-ranging, highly individual, often wayward collection of observations from one of opera’s great characters [RMo]

golden shore braithwaite

The Golden Shore (Matador Publishing)

A warm welcome is due this exemplary book which has been so well realised [RB]

Tommasino: The Enigma of the English Mozart (Shelf Life)

Greatly refreshing and inspires surefooted confidence [RB]

Gideon Klein: Don’t forget about me (Toccata Press)

The life of a young genius tragically ended by a cruel and evil regime [SG]

opera autobiography banks

Opera – The Autobiography of the Western World

Enjoyable and engaging if not fulfilling [MMB]

Minkus ballets book Letellier

The Ballets of Ludwig Minkus (Cambridge Scholars)

A new edition of the definitive study of Ludwig Minkus’s career and work is very welcome [RMay]