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Marc Bridle

Marc Bridle was editor of Seen & Heard from 2001 to 2006. Although he studied the violin from an early age, later graduating to the double bass – being gifted with long arms and big hands – he never developed into a virtuoso string player. Educated at St Andrews and Cambridge Universities, he studied Classics and Philosophy, before beginning a career in journalism and the arts, which he still works at to this day. Over the years he has contributed reviews, interviews and articles to many newspapers and magazines, both in print and Internet media, on subjects as diverse as music and civil rights. He moved to the United States and Canada in 2006, where he lived until 2011, and where he regularly reviewed concerts on Salt Spring Island.

For Marc Bridle music begins with the Eroica. Musical passions include Bruckner and Wagner – both of whom he resembles temperamentally. Happiest in smoke filled Jazz clubs, he once attended more concerts than is healthy for anyone; a 10-year Mahler sabbatical soon followed.

His interests include collecting political cartoons, music photographs, modern art and a constantly expanding collection of Japanese classical CDs. He is currently learning Korean. He continues to write for Seen & Heard and is a regular contributor to Opera Today. He lives in London with his partner and two Steiff bears, Tristan and Parsifal, and is still hoping to publish his first volume of poetry.

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