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All catalogue numbers begin with TROY

304Duffy sy1review
381Nelson American voicereview
393Laitman Mysteryreview
397Pavlova sy2review
426Moon Earthshinereview
498Lloyd sy4review
533Horvit Mystical flamereview
566Schuman PC sy4review
570Laitman songsreview
604Svoboda orch wksreview
648American celloreview
657Collins orch wksreview
680Finnigan’s wakereview review
686Gunning PC sy1review
709B Anderson chbr wksreview
737Creston VC2review
741Bell orch songsreview
749B Tchaikovsky pno wksreview
760Dickinson Voices piano & brassreview
783Road less travelledreview
785Zaimont pure colorsreview
803Weir orch wksreview
810Blooming sounds – solo vlnreview
817Diamond jubileereview
831Duffy orch wksreview
854Wolfgang Common groundreview
861-2Enescu Oedipereview
970Ran VCreview
990Menotti Old maidreview
1023Guastavino songsreview
1053Cooman songsreview
1073Heggie 3 Decembersreview
1119Rosner pno wksreview
1142Touch v1review
1163Appling plays Joplin & Bachreview
1224Salmon is a jumpinreview
1240Duffy orch wksreview
1248Wolfgang short storiesreview
1486/7Thomson Mother of us allreview
1492Howard Karp recsreview
1623New world serenadereview
1683Rickelton songs review
1760Wolfgang Viennareview
1810Violins of hopereview
1843Maguire Sauration velocityreview
1858Kander dwbreview
1883Rochberg solo vln capricesreview