CDGAU208Boyce choralreview
CDWLS255Tribute to Madamreview
CDGAU310Lassus motetsreview
CDGAU332Byrd Sacrum conviviumreview
CDGAU343Morales motetsreview
CDGAU350Biber Rosary sonatas v1review review
CDGAU351Biber Rosary sonatas v2review review
CDGAU353Cornet kybd wksreview
CDGAU354Flame of Irelandreview
CDGAM357Essential Ockeghemreview
CDGAU358Bach vln sons & partitas v1review
CDGAU359Bach vln sons & partitas v2review
CDGAU360Felix feminareview
CDDCA518English connectionreview review
CDGAU550Ockeghem collectionreview
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CDDCA1043Rodo syreview
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CDDCA1060Montsalvatge orch wksreview
CDDCA1066Turina orch wksreview
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CDDCA1100Del Campo orch wksreview
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CDDCA1127Bax vln sonsreview
CDDCA1137Marx Natur-trilogiereview
CDDCA1153Greco triptychreview
CDDCA1156Menotti VCreview
CDDCA1158Marx orch wksreview review review
CDDCA1164Marx orch songsreview
CDDCA1168Walton Wise virginsreview review
CDDCA1169Leo CCsreview
CDDCA1172Widor org sysreview
CDDCA1174Marx PCreview review
CDDCA1181Vla concs Callusreview
CDWHL2153Song of the birdsreview review
CDWHL2159British tpt concsreview review
GLD4006Russian cel sonsreview review review
GLD4007/8Haydn str qts op 50review
GLD4009Ireland vln sonsreview review
GLD4010Haydn str qts Lindsaysreview
GLD4011Dvorak str sxt, qntreview
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COE Records sub-label

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