DACOCD299Piano rarities at Husumreview
DACOCD336-39Brailowsky Berlin recsreview review
DACOCD436-7Bendix sysreview
DACOCD442/33 great Danish woman pianistsreview
DACOCD451-60Aksel Schiotzreview
DACOCD465-6Danish VCs v3review
DACOCD467-8Danish VCs v4review review
DACOCD558Nordisk romantikreview
DACOCD567-68H Koppel v4review
DACOCD569-70H Koppel v5review
DACOCD571-72H Koppel v6 requiemreview review
DACOCD584-5Prokofiev PCsreview review
DACOCD586Tchaikovsky PCsreview
DACOCD596Sauer Piano Concerto 2review review
DACOCD597Danish PCsreview
DACOCD606Bach organ worksreview
DACOCD611-2Gunnar Berg Pno & orch works v1review
DACOCD613/4Gunnar Berg pno wksreview
DACOCD616Balakirev PC1 sy1review
DACOCD617Andersen flute/pnoreview
DACOCD618Bach org wksreview
DACOCD619Rarities Husum 2003review review
DACOCD620Bach organ wksreview
DACOCD622Kuhlau pno sonatinasreview
DACOCD625Meyer-Topsoe Danish songsreview
DACOCD627-30Nielsen sysreview
DACOCD631-9Bournonville balletsreview
DACOCD640Bach org choralesreview
DACOCD641Danish PCs v4review review
DACOCD643Brahms pno wksreview
DACOCD644Chopin Grieg cel sonsreview
DACOCD645Baroque kybd wks Selbigerreview
DACOCD646Schubert late pno wksreview
DACOCD647-8Paaske portraitreview
DACOCD649Schloss Husum Rarities v16review
DACOCD651Liszt PCsreview review
DACOCD653Liszt pno sonreview
DACOCD656Mussorgsky pictures pno & orch versreview
DACOCD660Russian PCsreview review
DACOCD661J Anderson comp wks v6review
DACOCD662Svendsen Lange-Muller VCsreview
DACOCD664Wagner ariasreview
DACOCD665Gitta-Maria Sjoberg Verdi & Puccini ariasreview
DACOCD666J Anderson comp wks v7review
DACOCD670Hindemith Marienlebenreview review
DACOCD671Meinders transcr.review
DACOCD673/4Scandinavian classics v2review review
DACOCD677Marshev recitalreview
DACOCD680Pno wks Danish womenreview
DACOCD681In fun and earnestreview
DACOCD682Music inspired by Shakespeare and Hamletreview review
DACOCD683Beethoven sy9 Malkoreview
DACOCD685Tona Kibergreview
DACOCD687TRanscriptions Meindersreview
DACOCD688Schumann PCreview review review
DACOCD689Husum rarities v20review
DACOCD691-6Great Copenhagen singers 1931-9review
DACOCD697/8Scandinavian classics v3review review
DACOCD699Husum rarities v21review
DACOCD700Til Jomfru Marareview
DACOCD701/2Chopin pno & orchreview
DACOCD703-4Haydn sysreview review
DACOCD705Ingen blomstreview review
DACOCD706Bach Organ wks v15review
DACOCD707/8Scandinavian classics v4review
DACOCD709Schloss Husum Rarities v22review review
DACOCD712-3Hartmann Nordic German songsreview review
DACOCD714-5Endre Wolf complete Tono recsreview
DACOCD717Delius historic collectionreview review review
DACOCD718Wing spanreview
DACOCD719Schloss Husum Rarities 2011review
DACOCD720Mezzo moonreview
DACOCD721Delius English masterworksreview review
DACOCD722-3Great clarinettist Cahuzacreview
DACOCD724Tribute to Erling Blöndal Bengtssonreview
DACOCD725Flute concsreview
DACOCD726Durufle requiemreview review review
DACOCD727Tribute to Erling Blöndal Bengtssonreview
DACOCD728Delius French masterworksreview
DACOCD729Schloss Husum Rarities 2012review
DACOCD730Nielsen songsreview
DACOCD731Elegyreview review
DACOCD732Delius American masterworksreview
DACOCD734-6Mendelssohn pno & orchreview review
DACOCD737Bengtsson tribute v2review
DACOCD738Bengtsson tributereview
DACOCD739Schloss Husum Rarities 2013review
DACOCD740Tribute to Erling Blöndal Bengtsson v3review review
DACOCD741Schumann Norgard pno wksreview
DACOCD742Trumpet concsreview review
DACOCD743Harmonies du Soirreview
DACOCD744/5Hartmann pno wksreview review
DACOCD747Beethoven Diabelli varsreview review
DACOCD748Borg songsreview
DACOCD749Schloss Husum Rarities 2014review
DACOCD750Beyond the Eastern Windreview
DACOCD751Rung songsreview
DACOCD753Russina pno musicreview review
DACOCD754Bruckner sy9review review review
DACOCD755Nordic Winter and Christmas Songsreview review
DACOCD756Messiaen chmbr wksreview review
DACOCD757-8Scandinavian classics v5review review
DACOCD759Schubert Winterreisereview review
DACOCD760Gesualdo madrigalsreview
DACOCD761Nielsen recitalreview
DACOCD763-8Endre Wolf in Sweden v2review review review
DACOCD769Schubert pno wksreview review
DACOCD770Bengtsson 1st Danish perfsreview review
DACOCD771Langgaard songsreview review review
DACOCD772Liszt sonatareview review
DACOCD773Tribute to Bachreview
DACOCD774American pno v1review
DACOCD775Bizet syreview review
DACOCD776Tivoli Gardenreview
DACOCD777d’Fonseca_songs review review
DACOCD778Bengtsson SR recsreview review
DACOCD779Schloss Husum Rarities 2015review review
DACOCD780Bengtsson NRK tributereview
DACOCD781/2Schioler v2review review
DACOCD783/4American pno v2review
DACOCD785Schumann carnavalreview
DACOCD786Golden agereview review
DACOCD787/8Wandy Tworekreview review
DACOCD789Schloss Husum Rarities 2016review review review review
DACOCD791/2Videro v1review
DACOCD795/6Videro v3review
DACOCD799Schloss Husum Rarities 2017review
DACOCD800American landscapesreview
DACOCD831Danish Romanian vln/pnoreview review
DACOCD832/3Schioler v3review
DACOCD834Schubert Rachmaninov cello/pnoreview review
DACOCD835Brahms pno wksreview
DACOCD836Atterberg orch wksreview review
DACOCD837Beethoven Diabellis varsreview
DACOCD838Juon Bruch clarinet triosreview review
DACOCD839Schloss Husum Rarities 2018review review
DACOCD840Henriques pno wksreview review
DACOCD841Nordic songsreview review
DACOCD842Debussy chmbr wksreview
DACOCD843Prokofiev Rachmaninov cello sonsreview
DACOCD844Bengtsson Danish recsreview
DACOCD845Bengtsson Danish recs v2review review
DACOCD846Bengtsson Danish recs v3review review
DACOCD849Schloss Husum Rarities 2019review review
DACOCD850Paganini gtr sonsreview
DACOCD851Hubay & Telmanyireview review
DACOCD852Buxtehude hpsd wksreview
DACOCD853Hartmann string wksreview review
DACOCD854New Nordic pnoreview
DACOCD855Rosvaenge Popular Danish songsreview
DACOCD856Koppel Playground  review review
DACOCD857Kaiser horn concsreview
DACOCD858Rubinstein cello sonsreview
DACOCD859Bentzon pno wksreview
DACOCD860Schumann Brahms cello/pnoreview
DACOCD861Friedman Complete recsreview review review
DACOCD865Schubert Winterreise  review review
DACOCD866Moszkowski piano wksreview review
DACOCD867/8Schioler v4review
DACOCD869Gershwin Rhapsody review
DACOCD870Bengtsson Aldeburgh tributereview
DACOCD871Bengtsson European tributereview review
DACOCD872/3Schioler v5review
DACOCD874Hartmann pno wksreview
DACOCD875Brahms cello sonsreview
DACOCD877Hartmann pno wks v2review
DACOCD878Schnittke cello wksreview
DACOCD879NIelsen Enescu vln sonsreview review
DACOCD881Grondahl Legacy v1review
DACOCD882Grondahl Legacy v2 review
DACOCD883Grondahl Legacy v3review
DACOCD884Grondahl Legacy v4review
DACOCD885Grondahl Legacy v5review
DACOCD887Grondahl Legacy v7review
DACOCD893-96Gramophone Shop celebrity seriesreview
DACOCD897-98Frances Ellegaardreview
DACOCD899Art of Emil Reesenreview
DACOCD900Brahms pno sonsreview review
DACOCD901-02Bendix pno wksreview review
DACOCD903Ravel pno wks v1review review
DACOCD904Ravel pno wks v2review
DACOCD907Hartmann pno wks v3review
DACOCD908Johansen pno wksreview review
DACOCD909Lyric horn/pnoreview
DACOCD910Damgaard recitalreview
DACOCD911Jensen legacy v1 Sibeliusreview
DACOCD912Jensen legacy v2review
DACOCD913Jensen legacy v3review
DACOCD914Jensen legacy v4review
DACOCD915Jensen legacy v5review
DACOCD917Jensen legacy v7review
DACOCD918Jensen legacy v8review
DACOCD919Jensen legacy v9review
DACOCD920Jensen legacy v10review
DACOCD921Jensen legacy v11review
DACOCD922Jensen legacy v12review
DACOCD924Jensen legacy v14review
DACOCD928Jensen legacy v18review
DACOCD936-37Hartmann Sandinavian folk musicreview
DACOCD938Danish songs Landyreview
DACOCD939Husum 2021review review
DACOCD940Frandsen star conductorreview
DACOCD945Times of unrestreview
DACOCD946Koppel chamber wks review
DACOCD947Enghoff pno wksreview
DACOCD949Husum 2022review review review
DACOCD950Hartmann pno wks v4review
DACOCD952Schultz Efterklange works for mixed choir v2review
DACOCD957Mendelssohn Das Jahr review review
DACOCD958Reesen as conductorreview
DACOCD960Poulenc pno wksreview
DACOCD961Schubert liederreview
DACOCD964Grieg vln sonsreview
DACOCD965American pno anthology v5review review
DACOCD969Piano Rarities Husum Aug 2022review