Istituto Discografico Italiano (IDIS)

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6479-80Rossini Barber of Sevillereview
6481-82Kempff in Caracasreview
6505-06Tchaikovsky Schubert sys E Kleiberreview
6509Dvorak sy 8 Walterreview
6518Mario del Monaco livereview
6519-20Puccini Toscareview
6521Mozart vln sonsreview
6528Beethoven Brahms VCs Heifetzreview
6530/31Puccini complete Toscanini recordingsreview
6532Brahms Mendelssohn VCs De Vitoreview
6533Mozart requiem Walterreview
6534Art of Segovia v4review
6537Mozart sys Reinerreview
6538Schubert sy 9 Ravel PC Bernsteinreview
6539Schubert Clementi pno son Bermanreview
6541/2Verdi traviatareview
6546Heifetz fireworksreview
6547Verdi otello Beechamreview
6552Verdi Simon Boccanegrareview
6554Brahms sy1 dble conc Furtwanglerreview
6556Beethoven sy7 Bernsteinreview
6560-2Beethoven vln sons Heifetzreview
6563Schwarzkopf rare recs 46-54review
6567/8Verdi requiem Soltireview
6569Wagner highlightsreview
6571/2Bizet Carmen Dervauxreview
6577Tchaikovsky sy4 Bernsteinreview
6580Beethoven overturesreview
6589Milstein raritiesreview
6591Heifetz French vln sonsreview
6596Brahms requiem Celibidachereview
6597Beethoven PCs Serkinreview
6600Beginning of a legend: Williams 1958review
6602Scriabin pno wks Horowitzreview
6603Art of Segovia v6review
6605Mozart Telemann flute concs Rampalreview
6606Tchaikovsky PCs Gilelsreview
6610Beethoven sys 1 & 3review
6611Franck syreview review
6612Beethoven sys 2 & 5review
6614Gould plays Bach v1review
6615Beethoven sy9review
6616Liszt PCs Cziffrareview
6619Beethoven sys 4 & 6review
6621Karajan spectacular v2review
6623Beethoven sys 7 & 8review
6624Barbirolli conducts Elgarreview review
6630/1Verdi Nabuccoreview
6638/9Beethoven Fidelioreview
6643Gould plays Bach v2review
6647/8Callas sings Casta Divareview
6655Knappertsbusch Vienna v2review
6657Barbieri HMVreview
6739Chopin pno wksreview