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Bach Harpsichord Inc

BHI1080Bach Art of fuguereview

Bandeonon Recordings

no numberBeethoven Schubert pno sonsreview

Barn Cottage Records

BCR007Cembalo paradisoreview
BCR011Mozart sy29review
BCR017Vivaldi undercoverreview

Bartok Records

BR1009Beethoven str qtsreview
BR1922Bartok vln sonsreview


CDM0022Gloria et Malumreview
CDM0023Zacara Gentilereview
CDM0026Halle Robin et Marionreview

Basel Sinfonieorchester

SOB01Schubert sysreview
SOB02Honegger sysreview
SOB03Schubert sy9review
SOB06Stravinsky ritereview review
SOB07Schubert sysreview
SOB10Stravinsky Firebirdreview
SOB11Stravinsky Petrushkareview

Bauer Studios

ACD6027Cherubini requiemreview


BR100326Goldberg varsreview review
BR100348Chopin balladesreview


no numberDaugherty Mississippireview


CDB029Lutoslawski orch wks v1review
CDB052Lutoslawski orch wks v2review

Beau Fleuve Records

605996998531 Forgotten treasuresreview

Beauport Classics



— Gardonyi choral wksreview

Bedroom Community

HVALUR42 Finnish Shadesreview

Bella Musica

BM149006Schoenberg Gurreliederreview
BM149007Pno recital Schmidtreview
BM312397Haydn CC Mendelssohn VCreview
BM312415Shostakovich Meyer pno triosreview
BM312449Piano dreamsreview
BM312473Ferenc Kiss portraitreview
BM316531Easy to handelreview
BM317043Piazzolla sense of tangoreview


BVD08005Brahms orch woksreview
BVD08053Gluck Orpheereview
10130Schoenberg Pierrotreview
10138Wagner Ringreview
10146Mozart sy39review
10148Mozart pno wks Backhausreview
10152Mozart PC sy Karajanreview

Bene Arte

SIGCD900Russian treasuresreview review
SIGCD901Medieval chantreview
SIGCD902Very English Christmasreview review
SIGCD903Chilcott Sun moonreview review
SIGCD904Music of the spheresreview review

Berthold Records

9121830Shostakovich preludesreview review

BGS Records

BGS111Let go – 3 gtrsreview
BGS112Per Suonarereview
BGS125Weiss lute wks v3review
BGS129Mompou canconsreview


no numberMoon Sarosreview

Big Ears

005Shostakovich preludes & fuguesreview

Big Round Records

BR8964 A different takereview

Birmingham Bach Choir

BBCCD006Spice Easter oratorioreview
BBCCD009Spicer Unfinished rememberingreview

Black Box

BBM1071Part collectionreview
BBM1082Metcalfe Scorching bayreview
BBM1093Schnittke chbr wksreview
BBM1097Reich Different trainsreview
BBM1101Tavener liederreview review
BBM1102Rorem choral wksreview
BBM1103Hovhaness PCsreview
BBM1104Rorem Auden songsreview
BBM1105Berio Sequenzareview
BBM1109Schoenfield Pno wksreview

Blue Griffin

BGR219Poulenc babarreview
BGR235Corbett Absconditusreview
BGR253Gordon silver rainreview
BGR255Liebermann cello sonsreview
BGR257Stravinsky Bacri triosreview
BGR291Music of Armeniareview
BGR301Schubert Osborne impromptusreview
BGR507Bruch Khachaturian VCsreview
BGR615Price pno wksreview

Blue Heron

BHCD1001Dufay motetsreview
BHCD1002Peterhouse partbooks v1review
BHCD1003Peterhouse partbooks v2review
BHCD1004Peterhouse partbooks v3review
BHCD1005Peterhouse partbooks v4review
BHCD1006Christmas in Medieval Englandreview
BHCD1010Ockeghem songs v1review
BHCD101114C Salmagundi review
BHCD1012Machaut Remedereview

Blue Music Group

BMG5189 Horn & soundreview


20131Zemlinsky Dunki str qtsreview


112964Lalo sym espreview
112965Saint-Saens Castillon str qtsreview
112969Main gauchereview


CDBMRGOLO6Rimsky-K Golovanovreview


BR1049Riley In Creview


OPCD0106Opera arias Colombarareview


001Brahms vln sonsreview

Boston Secession

BRAVO0720Surprised by beautyreview

Brattle Media

610877733781 Beethoven sy9review review
BMQZ8LQ1806 Mahler sy9review
Mahler sy6review

B Records

LBM011Brahms pno qtsreview
LBM012Brahms str qnts, sxtsreview
LBM013 Saint-Saens Ascanioreview
LBM017Degout poemesreview
LBM018Saint-Saens chmbr wksreview
LBM023Brahms vla sonsreview
LBM025Schubert Schone Mullerinreview
LBM028Brahms cello sonsreview
LBM0322 pno wksreview
LBM048Chants nostalgiquesreview review

Brain Music

OSBR36033 Bruckner sy5review
OSBR37010Bruckner sy4review
OSBR37016 Bruckner sy8review
OSBR38006 Bruckner sy5review
OSBR39005Bruckner sy7review


B42709003 Silence and musicreview

Bridges Music

BMCD01 Henley cello wksreview
BMCD04Henley pno wksreview

Bright Shiny Things

BTSC0124 Echoes of Bachreview
BTSC0141Voices in the wildernessreview
BTSC0158Huang Dustreview
BTSC0175Schubert Schone mullerin review

British Film Institute

BFI81244 Russell composer filmsreview

Brodsky Records

CDBRD3501Mood swingsreview
CDBRD3502Beethoven str qtsreview

Brussels Philharmonic

BPR001Debussy La merreview
BPR002Dvorak sy9review
BPR003Tchakovsky sy6review

BSO Classics (Boston)

BSOCL1302Harbison sysreview
1401Sibelius sy2review
1701-3Brahms sysreview

BSO Recordings (Bavarian State Opera)

BSOREC0001 Mahler sy 7 review
BSOREC1001 Korngold Tote stadtreview
BSOREC2001 Korngold Tote stadtreview
BSOREC2003Stravinsky Mavrareview

Burning Shed

no numberKeeling Reclaiming Erosreview
no numberKeeling Blue dawnreview


CD9406Female cmpsrsreview