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162Salazar massreview
180Mozart requiem (comp. Neukomm)review
242Charpentier Judithreview
248Zielenski Ortus de Poloniareview


KCD013Amber songsreview


KAP008Khrennikov sysreview
KAP009Khrennikov PCsreview review
KAP012Khrennikov chmbr wksreview review


001CD2021 Archetti Lava review

Karnatic Lab Records

KLR027McGowan contrabass flutereview


57671Aeschbacher v1review
57701Pelosi memorial v1review
57702Pelosi memorial v2review
57721Pelosi memorial v3review
57722Aeschbacher v2review
57731Pelosi preludes fuguesreview
57732Keene recitalreview
57741Hungerford Beethoven recitalreview
57761Hungerford last recitalreview
57791Hungerford videoreview

KHA Records

KHA018Minimal worksreview
KHA019Silvestrov piano wks review

Kicco Classics

KCOU9005Mascagni Zanettoreview


no numberEmpassionedreview

King International

KKC2001Beethoven Tchaikovsky PCsreview
KKC2003/4Brahms Beethoven VCsreview
KKC2009/10Bruckner sysreview
KKC2017-19Beethoven PCs Kempffreview
KKC2022-23Beethoven Brahms PCsreview
KKC2024-25Dvorak sys Schuchterreview
KKC2026-27Lovro Matacicreview
KKC2037-38Smetana Ma Vlastreview
KKC2041-42Mozart serenades Wandreview
KKC2047-48Mozart PCs Kleinreview
KKC2049/50Silvestri Tchaikovsky Dvorakreview
KKC2051/2Dvorak Beethoven Neumannreview
KKC2053-55Beethoven sysreview
KKC2058-59Mozart PCs Shostakovich syreview
KKC2108-9Mozart Bruckner sysreview
KKC2152Tchikovsky sy6review

King’s School, Canterbury

KSCD1002Choral evensong St Augustinereview

Kiwi Pacific

SLD111Edwin Carr orchestral wksreview
SLD115Ritchie sysreview


22Spohr last judgementreview
60Handel Jephthareview
67Handel Belshazzarreview
73Handel Solomonreview review
83Handel Saulreview review
115Bach/Grischkat Gottesreview
129Bach Vivaldi VCsreview


KL1412Nostre damereview
KL1415Breaking the silencereview
KL1511Cui songsreview
KL1514Brahms sysreview
KL1518Motion picturesreview
KL1519Pachelbel kybd wksreview
KL1521Beethoven raritiesreview
KL1528Extravaganza review
KL1530Headed eastreview
KL1532Weinberg sy6review


MMP036French pno triosreview review
MMP041Peeters Organ Concreview

Klarthe Records

KLA071Beethoven Cras str qtsreview
KLA124Boulanger pno wksreview

Kleos Records

KL5128Modern American Mastersreview
KL5129Rare Works for 2 Pianos and Orchreview
KL5134Achron PCsreview
KL5136Danzi Vanhal bassoon concsreview
KL5137Britten Strauss wks for pno & orchreview review
KL5142Korngold Bridge str sextetsreview
KL5149Verdi & verismoreview
KL5150Saxophone concsreview

Klingende Kostarbeiten

64Mitterer missareview

KM Classic

Debussy pno wksreview

KML Recordings

KML1111Ravel 2 pno wksreview

KNS Classics

KNSA038White as liliesreview
KNSA045Elgar Respighi vln sonsreview
KNSA069Brahms lieder transcrreview

Koramant Records

KR11003Rosler PC syreview
KR14002Jommelli cantatasreview

Kosei Publishing

KOCD3316Bostock Live: 2000-2002review
KOCD8000An Arnold Celebrationreview
KOCD8011Best of British v1review review
KOCD8012Best of British v2review
KOCD8013Best of British v3review


885767063310Granados Goyescasreview
885767068575Ives barber pno sonsreview


25084 01602Murphy Noirreview