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LH04Scarlatti kybd sonsreview
LH09Couperin leconsreview
LH11Chopin concsreview
LH15Dutilleux chamberreview

La Boîte à Pépites

BAP0103Sohy Belle Epoquereview

La Bottega Discantica

LBD23Casella orch wksreview
LBD38Wolf-Ferrari songsreview
LBD124Rota Mysteriumreview
LBD125Respighi Christusreview review
LBD140Il piu misero amantereview
LBD146Concerti Italianireview
LBD194Telemann concsreview
LBD234Gnocchi massesreview

La Dolce Volta

LDV17Schumann str qtsreview
LDV18Dvorak str qtsreview
LDV33French str qtsreview
LDV61Brahms pno qntreview
LDV71Offenbach cello duosreview
LDV73Granados Goyescas review
LDV74Prokofiev pno wksreview
LDV121.7Beethoven str qtsreview
LDV1472French golden age organreview
LDV253Brahms sextetsreview
LDV256Janacek str qtsreview
LDV260Kalliwoda str qtsreview
LDV279Mozart Eine kleine nachtmusikreview

La Me De Guido

LMG2040Grignon Goyareview
LMG2074Valls missareview
LMG2075Strana armonia d’amore – 17th c. Italian wksreview
LMG2102Marti i Cristia pno wksreview
LMG2106Pla Stabat materreview
LMG2120Manen vln & pno v1review
LMG2138Manen vln & pno v2review
LMG4009Ohana etudesreview

Landor Records

LAN274Novacek recitalreview
LAN281Evelina Puzaite recitalreview
LAN282Haydn sysreview
LAN285Brahms pno wksreview
LAN287Gorecki Life journeyreview

Langroise Trio

6035536502String triosreview


LAU014Valls missareview
LAU017Ruimonte in Brusselsreview
LAU018Soler Latin vocal wksreview review
LAU021Patino musica sacra review
LAU022Baquedano Cathedral of Santiago review


LR811CDHarps of the ancient templesreview review
LR820CDBloch chbr wksreview
LR834CDBloch VCreview
LR864CDBloch vla wksreview
LR865CDBloch cello wksreview review
LR867CDKraft perc wksreview

LCS Hires

LCSSACD003Org wks Geffertreview

Leaf Music

LM233Beethoven Complete Works for Piano and Celloreview
LM235Hamburger chmbr sysreview

Legni Classics

Twisted skyscapereview

Leman Classics

LC44401Fugas y fandangosreview review


LE331LPO celebrates American composersreview
LE337Richter snow mountainreview
LE343Zaimont Vocal-chamber artreview
LE350La musicareview
LE351Richter Harris orch wksreview review
LE354Clarinets & pnoreview
LE357Songs & cyclesreview
LE358Richter riders to the seareview

Les Arts Florissants

AF001Handel Belshazzarreview
AF004Handel Queen Carolinereview

Les Delices

no numberMyths & allegoriesreview

Letterbox Arts

LA1001Bach cello vla gamba v1review

Libra Records



CD0201Llibre Vermellreview
CD1845El grialreview
CD1946Lucretia Borgiareview
CD1947Cicle in the waterreview

Lightsong Media

LMGRCD1Kashif Genesisreview review

Ligia Digital

LIDI010415405Songes et elemensreview
LIDI010417106Mozart org wksreview
LIDI03031271Boismortier transition Baroquereview
LIDI0302235LaTombelle chmbr wksreview
LIDI0302325Renie chmbr wksreview

Limen Musica

CDE06C007Ives pno wks v1review
CDVD018C018Beethoven Brahms Grieg vln sonsreview
CDVD019C019Rebuilding beautyreview
DVD096CD096Bosso tangosreview
CDVD102C102 Padova balladsreview

Linda Chatterton

LC8032Diverse voicesreview


MPC0118Noble noysereview
NL3019Yo Te Quiere Matarereview
NL3023Sweete musickereview


270103Stone and steelreview

LIR Classics

LIR021Hamburg 1705review
LIR022Cello elegies v1review
LIR023Cello elegies v2review
LIR027Bach recitalreview

Liszt Digital

LD101Liszt Piano Sonata in Breview


1012Strauss Enoch Ardenreview
1062Encore Encorereview

Living Music

LMU48 Saubadereview

Living Stage

LS1085Markevich in Italyreview
LS1127Meyerbeer Dinorahreview
LS1128Donizetti les martyrsreview
LS1129Offenbach Tales of Hofmannreview


LRCD1090/1Buxtehude org wks v1review
LRCD1092/3Buxtehude org wks v2review
LRCD1096Buxtehude org wks v3review
LRCD1110Locklair org wksreview
LRCD1133Bohm org wksreview

L’oiseau Lyre

4101282Gesualdo madrigalsreview
4146332Praetorius dances from terpsichorereview
4216542Handel Haydn choral wksreview
4520522Mozart PCs Levinreview
4558142Mozart PCs Levinreview
4759355Bach kybd concsreview
4780024Geminiani Conc grossireview
4780025Haydn CCsreview
4780026Machaut Consolationreview
4780028Feast of foolsreview
4780319Handel conc grossireview
4781465Handel organ concsreview
4781466Virgin’s lamentreview
4782243Haydn concsreview
4787863Kirkby collectionreview
4806900Haydn sysreview


4176412Brahms PC1 Curzonreview
4402422Verdi Rigoletto review
4538932Haydn sys Monteuxreview

London Independent Records

LIR009Chameleon brassreview
LIR010Mardi brassreview
LIR013Chopin pno wksreview

London Sinfonietta

SINFCD12004Snapshotsreview review
SINFCD12006Jerwood series 1review
SINFCD22006Jerwood series 2review
SINFCD32006Takemitsu pno wksreview review
SINFCD42006Wuorinen cyclops 2000review review
SINFCD12007Foskett VCreview review
SINFCD12008Jerwood series 4review
SINFCD22009Jerwood series 6review


2564 690744Schubert pno 4 handsreview



Louth Contemporary Music

LCMS901A place betweenreview review
LCMS1502Song of songsreview
LCMS1701Floating driftingreview
LCMS20201 Catlin Smith Meadow review

LP Classics

1001Arensky wks for 2 pnosreview
1002Chopin pno wksreview
1003Liszt opera paraphrasesreview
1004Primakov recitalreview
1007A/BSchumann pno wksreview
1008A/BBeethoven PC4 & cadenzasreview
1009A/BChopin pno wksreview
1012Discovering legend IV Gornostaevareview
1019Rachmaninov wks for 2 pnosreview
1021 A/BChopin mazurkasreview


001Seduction – cello & gtrreview




3984-23931-2Tavener Beyond the veilreview


SKL36Skalkottas Greek dancesreview


002The floodreview


LYRCD6007Brahms schone Magelonereview
LYRCD6009Quincy Pocahontasreview
LYRCD60121920s piano Christmasreview
LYRCD6025Lucarelli ednreview
LYRCD6031-7Moyse collection v1-7review
LEMS8057Purcell Dido and Aeneasreview
LEMS8060Dr Bull’s Jewellreview
LEMS8061Haydn kybd triosreview
LEMS8063Elizabethan love songsreview
LEMS8066Bach kybd stes v1review
LEMS8069Bach solo cantatasreview
LEMS8070Handel Judas Maccabeusreview
LEMS8071Haydn Seasonsreview
LEMS8076Bach gamba sonsreview
LEMS8077Bach kybd stes v4review
LEMS8079Biber rosary sonatasreview


LYR242Jolivet VC vln sonreview
LYR2243Brahms 2 pno sonatareview
LYR2267Beethoven vln sonsreview