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Maestro Editions

ME007Hannikainen Moscowreview
ME013Sibelius sys Rodzinskireview
ME031Brahms de falla Casadesusreview
ME054Nielsen sy2 Garagulyreview
ME057Sibelius sys Hannikainenreview
ME064Sibelius sys Garagulyreview
ME167Brahms legacy Kriegerreview
ME221Fischer 1953 concertreview

Maestro Sound & Vision

MSV0317CDBritish doublesreview


METCD8002G&S Mikadoreview
METCD8003Humperdinck Hansel & Gretelreview
METCD8004Mahler sy4review
METCD8015Chabrier historic recsreview review
METCD8017Scandinavian Smörgåsbordreview review
METCD8018Egk Zaubergeigereview review
METCD8019Verdi Otello historic highlightsreview review
METCD8020Beethoven Schubert sysreview
METCD8023Wagner orch wksreview
METCD8024Sibelius sys VC Hannikainenreview

Magni Publications

MP21004Constantinides VCsreview

Magpie Records

MAG0502Bright is the ringreview review


MAG111103Mozart Francaix clarinet cocnsreview
MAG111136Jolivet pno wks v1review
MAG111137Jolivet pno wks v2review
MAG111164Jolivet wind bandreview

Maitrise Notre-Dame

006St Louisreview

Major Classics

M2CD001Tchaikovsky Nutcrackerreview review
M2CD002Tchaikovsky Swan lakereview
M2CD008Elgar orch wksreview
M2CD009Sibelius sysreview
M2CD016Orff Carmina buranareview
M2CD022Rostropovich Dvorak Schumannreview
M3CD304Mozart Figaroreview
M5CD501Wagner Tristanreview
M5CD502Art of Glenn Gouldreview

Make Musikproduction

no numberQuadriga livereview


CDRG196Mary Gardenreview
CDRG194Geori Bouereview
CDRG199Massenet Saphoreview
CDRG201Alain Vanzoreview

Manchester Classical Gallery

CDMAN156Russian VCsreview
CDMAN175Schnittke concsreview

Manor House Music

001Vln vla worksreview
002I saw three shipsreview


1365Natzke legendreview


MR0071Paradise on earthreview
MR0082Songs and Sorrowful Sonnetsreview


010Mayerl centenaryreview review
011Philip Dyson by special requestreview

Mark Masters

3955MCDBrahms sy2review

Mark Records

51601MCDSingle reed expressions v1review
51602MCDSingle reed expressions v2review
51603MCDSingle reed expressions v3review
51604MCDSingle reed expressions v4review
51605MCDSingle reed expressions v5review
51606MCDSingle reed expressions v6review
51607MCDSingle reed expressions v7review
51608MCDSingle reed expressions v8review


81371Shostakovich Britten str qtsreview
81377Brahms pno qtsreview
81397Bolcom ragomaniareview
81407Castelnuovo-T Respighi VCsreview
81415Scriabin Roslavets pno wksreview
81419Hummel vln sonsreview
81429Sounds of defiancereview
81475Corrette vln sonsreview
81509Bach cello stesreview
MAR513Beethoven pno sonsreview
MAR613 Mendelssohn octetreview


MAR18092Mahler liederreview

Mashulka Productions

no numberPaul Galbraithreview

Masterclass Media Foundation

MMF005Mozart VC Vengerovreview
MMF010Thomas Quasthoffreview

Master Performers

MP21003 Schubert sy9review


MTM04Outcastreview review

Material Records

MRE041Tchaikovsky seasons 2 gtrsreview

Maud Laforest

120811Imagerie musicalereview

Mawson & Wareham

MWMCDSP56Todd St Cutherbertreview
MWMVD88Songs of Northumbriareview

Max Zorin

no numberFrench touchreview

Maya Recordings

MCD0603Biber mystery sonatasreview
MCD0803Bach Klavierubung bk3review
MCD1301Bach partitasreview

MDR Konzert

VKJK0731RVW sea syreview

Mecenat Musical

2584604802Bernstein Theatre Filmreview

Medici Classics

M30092Liszt pno sonreview

Meii Enterprises

707129224088 Brahms pno wksreview


MLSCD010Ravel pno wksreview
MLSCD011Feinberg Winterberg lost worksreview review
MLSCD013Roger-Ducasse pno wks v1review review
MLSCD022Brahms intermezzireview
MLSCD025Skalkottas Premieres review
MLSCD033-34Fantasiebilder review
MLSCD035Greek pno wksreview


CD0108Gates Heartseasereview review
3130CDGates Garland for Gatsbyreview review
5683Flights of fancyreview review

Membran – see Documents

Memo Music

MM6172 Amiranashvili Mysticreview


991-011/12Prokofiev pno wks Richterreview
999001Michelangeli Vaticanreview

Memory Lane

GLMY69Royal lullabiesreview

MEM Productions

no numberAnatolian wks Malay Karatasreview review

Mercury Baroque

8450138529Vivaldi concsreview

Merlin Classics

MRFD070914Wright Visionreview

Merrow Records

MR002Driver Yeats songsreview


CD001Sohal chmbr wks v1review

Metis Islands Music

MIM0004Shostakovich Szymanowski vln sonsreview
MIM0006Franck Lekeu vln sonsreview


MONO008Shostakovich symphony 10review


MR1301Coleridge-Taylor pno wksreview
MCD098Refleksija review

Metropolitan Opera

811357013298Corigliano Versaillesreview

Meyer Media

MM007Messiaen Les corps glorieuxreview
MM17035Russian journeyreview


BPH130012Mozart Magic flutereview

Michael DiMaria


Michael Lawrence Film

no numberBach & friendsreview review

Microfest Records

MF20Partsch 1942 demoreview


no numberBrian Cheneyreview


MGBCTS82Ensemble Contrechampsreview
MGBCD6220Musica Vegliareview

Mike Purton Recording Services

MPR001Swedish navy musicreview


3998342Hepburn film musicreview


MLCD1001Juon pno 4 handsreview

Minuet Records

428408Casals at White Housereview
428409Ravel Mozart trios Menuhinreview
428411Mussorgsky Strauss Doratireview
428412Donizetti Luciareview
428413Bruckner sy8 Karajanreview
428417Bernstein orch wksreview
428420Tchaikovsky 1812review
428421Rachmaninov Tchaikovsky Richterreview
428422Chopin PCs Rubinsteinreview
428423Gershwin Rhapsodyreview


2138Dble-bass & orchreview
2166Stalnaker About Learreview
2167Kramer Causal dualismreview
2168Homans Prague springreview
2169Cunningham Sonic flightreview


101Marshall Out of the darknessreview
105Campbell 10 sketchesreview

MN Records

MNRCD101-2Nyman man & boyreview
MNRCD116McAlmont The glarereview
MNRCD119Nyman Sangamreview
MNRCD120Nyman pno triosreview
MNRCD123Nyman M-workreview
MNRCD124Nyman str qtsreview
MNRCD136Nyman sy11review
MNRCD138Nyman War workreview
MNRCD145Nyman McQueenreview


161-63Berio sequenzasreview review
253/4Cage organ wksreview
269/70Feldman str qtsreview
281Lucier Broken linereview
293Cowell Grainger saxophone wksreview
300Reich sextetreview
314Feldman Bunita Marcus review
315Jaecker Paradis review
318Pousseur flute wksreview
327Cage pno wks v2review

Modern Poetics

MP001Britten Wild songreview

Modern Recordings

— Mendoza Freedom review

Modica Musica

MM0014La Meglio Giuventùreview


MCD002Golightly choral wksreview


M20012Beethoven pno sonsreview
M20052Chopin balladesreview
M20062Schumann pno wksreview


MONO022Prokofiev sy-concreview


MO782167Reich Different trainsreview

Montgomery Arts House

MAHMR1205208 Newman str qtsreview

Morrison Music Trust

MMT2030Strike NZ perc musicreview
MMT2042Farr orch wksreview
MMT2045/6Verdi Simon Boccanegrareview
MMT2053Lilburn pno wks v1review
MMT2054Lilburn pno wks v2review
MMT2060Farquar sysreview

Moscow State Conservatoire

SMCCD040Gilels v1review
SMCCD081Gilels v2review


MOT13501Unter der spanischen kronereview
CD40151Eben sym gregorianareview

Mousai Singers

MSCD001Welsh connectionreview

Move Records

MCD288A year in Parisreview
MCD306This is clarityreview
MD3375Sonorous Sonatasreview

Mozart Records

MR120115Lyon orch wksreview
MR120120Hope Through the crystalreview


07Freitas Branco vln sonsreview

MPR (MIke Purton)

CWS001Palace premieresreview review
101 Idyllreview
102Parry str qtsreview
103Cooke vln sonsreview review
104Salzedo str qtsreview review
105Cooke pno trio, qntreview
108Cooke oboe wksreview review
109Cooke flute wksreview
110Curious harpreview
112From Dennis Brain’s libraryreview
113Christmastide review
114Reed  str qtsreview review

MPS Records

0300650MSW Bach WTCreview
0302923BCBeethoven cello/pnoreview


MUD2097Tveitt songsreview

Mulberry St Recordings

EQ35Albright memoriamreview

Munchner Philharmoniker Recordings

4693576010Bruckner sysreview
8709997405Bruckner sy2review
8709997408Bruckner sy8review
8709997411Bruckner sy9review
9305211204Mahler sy2review
9305211208Bruckner sy4review
9305211212Strauss Heldenlebenreview
9305211237Dvorak sy9review
9305211250 Bruckner sy1review
9305211251Bruckner sy3review review
9305211271Mahler Wunderhornreview
9305211274Ravel Celubidachereview
9305211296Mahler kindertotenliederreview review review
9305211300Mahler sy4review review

Music & Media

MMC103English recorder wksreview review
MMC104Wemyss lute wksreview
MMC108Sounds from Brazil & Argentinareview
MMC112English hpschdreview
MMC114Poetic pno sonsreview
MMC115Lord romancesreview
MMC123Hommage Eisslerreview

Musica Ficta

MF8001Kempis symreview
MF8018Leclair sonatasreview
MF8019Jenkins fantasiasreview
MF8022Tye consortreview review
MF8023Poole divisionsreview
MF8028Duarte circlereview
MF8029Telemann chmbr wksreview
MF8034Guillemain sonatas review


MKCD001Colours of the heartreview review

Musical Heritage Society

5379317Mozart comp wks pno 4 handsreview

Musica Omnia

MO0106Beethoven str triosreview
MO0111All your cares beguilereview
MO0201Bach well-tempered clavierreview
MO0204Bach cantatasreview
MO0307Boismortier flute sonsreview
MO0308Beethoven pno sonsreview
MO0310Schubert pno triosreview
MO0401Cozzolani v1review
MO0402Bach French suitesreview
MO0711Steffani duetsreview


M56922Bach WTCreview
M56970 Martinu pno triosreview review review
M56982Forster concsreview

Musica Rediviva

MRCD0117 organsreview
MRCD013Travels with my lutereview
MRCD014From castle and cottagereview
MRCD015Maria: Medieval songs & Swedish trad musicreview
MRSACD017Bach art of fuguereview
MRSACD020Kaleidoscope Forsstromreview
MRCD021Divine mysteryreview
MRCD102Sounds of transparencereview
MRSACD103New favouritesreview

Musica Sacra Edition

013Lukaszewski orch & sacred worksreview


Maps & legends 1-8review
Schubert 2015review
Wu Han live IIreview review

Music Infinity

INS109Munsey requiemreview
INS147Munsey songsreview
INS500Lesley Garrett North country lassreview


MJMCCK190 Schumann fantasiereview

Musickmacher Productions

MM005Way coolreview

Music Media

MM05Bach’s European journeyreview


CUB1501Letort trainworldreview


1001Busoni 7 elegiesreview


MEPCD001Desmazures suitesreview
MEPCD002In mani dei Catalanireview
MEPCD004Mir i Llussa massreview


MKCD002 VW vln/pnoreview

Musikmuseum 21

CD13020Rufinatscha sy3review review

Musique a la Chabotterie

605012Vivaldi recorder concsreview
605013Rameau Les Indes galantesreview
605016Hotteterre flute wksreview
605018Couperin Les nations review


MU013El Bacha Queen Elisabeth compreview
MU025Abendmusiken review
MU031Continuo Addio review
MU032Bacewicz violin sonsreview
MU033Renouveau review
MU035Schubert Winterreisereview
MU037Kapsberger Villanelles review
MU040Tartini Last sonatasreview
MU042Hollandse fragmenten review

MV Cremona

MVC018043At the pleasure of Mazarinreview

MVM Musica

MVMCD001 Veulens Pasionesreview

MV Productions

SPPSCD06Schnittke PCreview
Liszt Schubertreview
Schnittke Bach Ponomarevareview
Prokofiev PC2review

Myrios Classics

MYR004Viola sonsreview
MYR006Beethoven Mozart str qtsreview
MYR008Viola sons v2review
MYR010Hindemith vla wks v1review review
MYR016Tchaikovsky Prokofiev PCsreview
MYR017Mozart str qtsreview
MYR019Liszt etudesreview review
MYR021Brahms chmbr wksreview review
MYR022Gershwin moment review
MYR023CCs 1966review
MYR024Busoni PCreview review review
MYR028Schumann sysreview review
MYR030Bruckner sy7review review
MYR032Bruckner sy4review


2MDCD0002Donizetti Parisinareview
MDCD00156Guelfi ariasreview
00328Wagner Tristanreview