Lyrita SRCD…

SRCD200Arnold sy4review review
SRCD201Arnold dancesreview review
SRCD202Rubbra sysreview review
SRCD203Cooke sy concreview review review
SRCD204Sterndale Bennett PCs 1 & 3review
SRCD205Sterndale Bennett PCs 2 & 5review
SRCD206Sterndale Bennett syreview review review
SRCD207Wordsworth Symph 2 & 3review
SRCD208Hurlstone orch wksreview review
SRCD209Holst early orch wksreview review
SRCD210Holst early orch wksreview review
SRCD211Vaughan Williams PCreview
SRCD212Foulds orch wksreview review
SRCD213Coates orch wksreview review review
SRCD214Box of delightsreview review
SRCD215Lambert orch wksreview review review
SRCD216Henry Wood orchestrationsreview review
SRCD2217Tippett Midsummer marriagereview review
SRCD2218Alwyn Miss Juliereview
SRCD219Stanford PC 2review
SRCD220Parry orch wksreview review
SRCD221Elgar sysreview review review
SRCD222Holst orch wksreview review
SRCD223Holst orch wksreview
SRCD224Walton conducts Waltonreview review
SRCD225Bliss orch wksreview review
SRCD226Berkeley conducts Berkeleyreview review
SRCD227Alwyn sys 1 & 4review review
SRCD228Alwyn sys 2, 3 & 5review review
SRCD229Alwyn orch wksreview review
SRCD230Alwyn Lyra Angelicareview
SRCD231Boult conducts Baxreview review
SRCD232Bax sys 1 & 7review review
SRCD233Bax sys 2 & 5review review review review
SRCD234Rubbra sys 6 & 8review review review
SRCD235Rubbra sys 2 & 7review review
SRCD236Finzi clarinet & cello concsreview review review
SRCD237Finzi orch songsreview review
SRCD238Finzi Intimations Hadley Tree so highreview review review
SRCD239Finzi orch wksreview review review review
SRCD240Ireland orch wksreview review
SRCD241Ireland PC Legendreview review review
SRCD242Ireland Bridge orch wksreview review review
SRCD243Bridge orch wksreview review review
SRCD244Bridge concsreview review review
SRCD245Butterworth Warlock orch wksreview review review review
SRCD246Boult conducts Coatesreview review review
SRCD247Moeran sy sinfreview review review review
SRCD248Moeran VC rhapsodiesreview review review
SRCD249L Berkeley sysreview review review
SRCD250L Berkeley PCsreview review review review
SRCD251Scott PCsreview review review
SRCD252Bush sysreview review
SRCD253Musgrave concsreview review review
SRCD254Bliss orch wksreview review
SRCD255Rawsthorne PCsreview review review
SRCD256L Berkeley Bush Rawsthorne chmbr wksreview review review
SRCD257Divertimentos & sinfoniettasreview review
SRCD2258Lloyd sys 4, 5 & 8review review review
SRCD259Crosse orch wksreview review review
SRCD2261Ireland songsreview review review
SRCD264Goehr little sy, chmbr wksreview review
SRCD265Luytens orch wksreview
SRCD266Baines & Moeran pno wksreview review review
SRCD267Maw Milner orch songsreview
SRCD269Bantock Holbrooke Rootham orch wksreview review review review
SRCD270Holst Parry Vaughan Williams choral wksreview review review
SRCD2271Ireland chmbr wksreview review review
SRCD274Gerhard sy4 VCreview review
SRCD275Bennett PCreview
SRCD276Fricker Banks Morgan VCsreview review
SRCD2277Ireland pno wksreview review
SRCD280Williamson concsreview review review
SRCD281Williamson sy1review review
SRCD282Finzi Hardy songsreview review
SRCD284Welsh cmbr wksreview
SRCD285Still, Searle sysreview review
SRCD2286Hurlstone orch & chmbr wksreview review
SRCD288Maconchy orch wksreview review review review
SRCD289Leigh orch wksreview review review
SRCD291Rawsthorne sys 1-3review review
SRCD292Howells chmbr wksreview review
SRCD293Alwyn chmbr wksreview review
SRCD295Brian & Cooke sysreview review
SRCD296Bax sy6review review
SRCD299Moeran CC cel sonreview review review
SRCD301Elgar Falstaff Enigmareview review
SRCD302Bridge chmbr wksreview review
SRCD304Contemp. hmbr wksreview
SRCD305Connolly ensemble wksreview
SRCD306Birtwistle vocal wksreview review review
SRCD307Works for brass ensemblereview review
SRCD2309250 years of English songreview review
SRCD311Tavener requiemreview review
SRCD313Crosse Purgatoryreview
SRCD314Benjamin syreview review review
SRCD315Jacob sysreview review review review
SRCD316British horn concsreview review review
SRCD317Coleridge-Taylor VCreview review review
SRCD318Premieres & encoresreview review review
SRCD320Busch PC CCreview review
SRCD321Stanford CC PC3review review review
SRCD322Joubert sy1review review
SRCD323G Williams orch wksreview review
SRCD324Mathias Worlde’s Joiereview
SRCD325Mathias Concertosreview
SRCD326Jones sys 6 & 9review review
SRCD327G Williams sy2review review
SRCD328Mathias orch worksreview
SRCD329Jones sysreview review review
SRCD330Hoddinott concsreview review
SRCD331Hoddinott sysreview review
SRCD332Hoddinott orch wksreview review
SRCD333Hoddinott sinfsreview
SRCD334Jones Mathias Hoddinott dancesreview review review
SRCD335Horn concsreview review
SRCD336Lyrita classicsreview review review
SRCD233750th anniversary set 1review review
SRCD233850th anniversary set 2review review
SRCD340Joubert Mathias sysreview review
SRCD341Bush orch wksreview review
SRCD2342Reizenstein pno wksreview review
SRCD343Bush songsreview
SRCD344British CCsreview review
SRCD2345British PCsreview review
SRCD2346British string concsreview review review
SRCD348Seiber Ulyssesreview review review
SRCD349Lipkin sysreview review
SRCD2350Hurd Aspern papersreview
SRCD351Bax Bate CCsreview review review
SRCD352Josephs sy5review
SRCD353Rubbra chmbr wks songs harpreview review
SRCD354Clarke cello/pnoreview review
SRCD2355British sysreview review review
SRCD356Shaw PCsreview review
SRCD357Dieren syreview review review review
SRCD358Jones sysreview review
SRCD359Carwithen Pitfield vln sonsreview review
SRCD360Reizenstein Bush vln sonsreview
SRCD361British cello sonsreview review
SRCD362Peterkin songsreview review
SRCD363Hurd choral wksreview review
SRCD364Jones sysreview review
SRCD365Scott songsreview
SRCD366Hurd songs & choral v2review
SRCD367Joubert sy PCreview review
SRCD368Sherwood Parry 2 pno wksreview
SRCD2369Musgrave Maryreview review
SRCD371Goossens Apocalypse review review
SRCD372Musgrave Phoenixreview review
SRCD2373Richardson complete pno wksreview
SRCD378Hyde songsreview
SRCD379Rands orch wksreview
SRCD381Richardson pno wksreview
SRCD382Stanford massreview review
SRCD383British cello wksreview review
SRCD384Coke cello sonsreview review review
SRCD385Maw Spring musicreview
SRCD386Alwyn str qtsreview review review
SRCD387Musgrave Voicesreview
SRCD389Simpson sysreview review review
SRCD390Jones sysreview review
SRCD391Jones sys 12 & 13review review
SRCD2392Berkeley Nelson review
SRCD394Elgar reimagined review
SRCD395Holbrooke piano wks review review
SRCD396Jones piano wks review review
SRCD2400Gibbs songsreview review
SRCD405Alberga VCsreview
SRCD407British PCsreview review review
SRCD408Busch Clarke pno wksreview
SRCD409Busch songsreview
SRCD410Jones pno wksreview
SRCD411Parish-Elvars 2 pianosreview
SRCD412British cello sonsreview
SRCD413Dove Exilereview
SRCD414Lipkin pno wksreview review
SRCD416Jacob Addison Rubbra PCsreview review review