MSR Classics

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MS1003Bach WTCIreview
MS1095Masters, monsters & mazesreview
MS1113Teleman 2 fl concsreview
MS1114Jeanne Baxtresser collection of favouritesreview
MS1118Heart of the tubareview
MS1119Chopin preludesreview
MS1120Browning edn v1review
MS1121Browning edn v2review
MS1122Browning edn v3review
MS1123Browning edn v4review
MS1125Ravel pno wksreview
MS1126John Solumreview
MS1128A la cartereview
MS1134Hurwitt sy1review
MS1138O vos omnesreview
MS1141Durufle requiemreview
MS1143Les corps glorieuxreview
MS1144Wondrous lovereview
MS1146Zuckermann Becausereview
MS1148Brahms PC2review review
MS1150Nielsen orch wksreview
MS1151Autuor de Messiaenreview
MS1156Petrova cel sonsreview
MS1162Organ wks Felix Hellreview
MS1165He is risenreview
MS1170Boismortier bassoon sonsreview
MS1173Burning with the musereview
MS1178Howard prairie visionsreview
MS1181Virtuoso horn duoreview
MS1187Grand tradition US symphonic organreview
MS1188Leonard Pennario 1950-58review
MS1191de la Barre suites for 2 flutesreview
MS1193Demos Aegean counterpointreview
MS1196Rondo brilliantereview
MS1197Bolcom vln sonsreview
MS1204Schubert pno wks v1review
MS1211Telemann Divine harmoniesreview
MS1216Ayton wks for viol consortreview
MS1217Light wraps you – oboereview
MS1222Mercurial love – Dowland & Purcellreview
MS1223Zuckerman str qtreview
MS1224Baltzar vln wksreview
MS1225This time it’s personalreview
MS1230Stravinsky Bartok chmbr wksreview
MS1238Zaimont prestidigitationsreview
MS1240Galay Klassical klezmerreview
MS1241Bon di Venezia hpsd sonsreview
MS1242ASA – pno wks African descentreview
MS1247Concert gems for celloreview
MS1250Borealis ensalonreview
MS1252Harbach orch wksreview
MS1253Harbach chmbr music v1review
MS1254Harbach org wksreview
MS1255Harbach chmbr music v2review
MS1256Harbach vocal musicreview
MS1257Harbach chmbr music v3review
MS1258Harbach music for stringsreview
MS1260Romantic music 2 pnosreview
MS1264Starry nightreview
MS1265Gershwin pno & orchreview
MS1271Bach Thrill of the chasereview
MS1272Just for funreview
MS1273Symphonies Spectacular and Sublime v4review
MS1282Mompou musica calladareview
MS1283Carlson chbr wksreview
MS1284Beethoven pno sonsreview
MS1286Ballade fl/pnoreview
MS1299Raines Odysseusreview
MS1303Consolations – romantic flute & pnoreview
MS1304Les amours de maireview
MS1309Telemann in the French stylereview
MS1322Brahms clar chmbr wksreview
MS1325Christmas spiritreview
MS1329Jag and jerseyreview
MS1330Mendelssohn 2PC concsreview
MS1335Grant Chocolatesreview
MS1341Off the beaten pathreview
MS1342Bates Digital loomreview
MS1350Kalabis orch & chbr wksreview
MS1357Prokofiev pno wksreview
MS1359Martyrs for the faithreview
MS1362Of another timereview
MS1366Zaimont pno wksreview
MS1368Schumann Humoreskereview
MS1379Flackton vla sonsreview
MS1380Treasure of German baroquereview
MS1384Love Raise Your Voicereview
MS1385Bach cel stesreview
MS1386American string projectreview
MS1387Cooman chbr wksreview
MS1394Giannini pno qnt, trioreview
MS1396Les graces francoisesreview
MS1397Going soloreview
MS1398Rubin chbr wksreview
MS1404Dancing on ivoryreview
MS1406Mahler lied von der erdereview
MS1409Beethoven CPE Bach kybd wksreview
MS1416la Violareview
MS1418Diamonds in a haystackreview
MS1429Spring soundsreview
MS1438Faure barcarollesreview
MS1441Haigh kybd concsreview
MS1442Bach art of fuguereview
MS1450Bach cello stesreview
MS1458From the heartreview
MS1461Bach partitasreview
MS1465Beethoven pno sons v1review
MS1466Beethoven pno sons v2review review
MS1467Beethoven pno sons v3review
MS1468Beethoven pno sons v4review
MS1470Beethoven pno sons v6review
MS1471Beethoven pno sons v7review
MS1475Clementi pno sonsreview
MS1476Canciones españolasreview
MS1483Brahms vln sonsreview
MS1490The flaming firereview
MS1493Copland Zeisl vln sonsreview
MS1497Small Rothko roomreview
MS1501Brawn recital 1review
MS1508Franck Bloch vln/pnoreview
MS1517Eastern discoveriesreview
MS1526Duo virtuoso IIreview
MS1531Mostly transcriptions 2review
MS1533Suk Reger organ wksreview
MS1538Forgotten Lisztreview
MS1540Poulenc wind chmbr wksreview
MS1542Heroic proportionsreview
MS1553American vln sonsreview
MS1559Piano celebration v1review
MS1560Schulhoff vln sonatasreview
MS1562Bach project v2review
MS1580Viva Italiareview
MS1582Lieuwen concsreview
MS1588Winn chmbr wksreview
MS1600Bruckner sy5review
MS1601Small journeyreview
MS1602Martin wind musicreview
MS1606Bushes and briarsreview
MS1608Szymanowski songs review
MS1613Amplified journeyreview
MS1614Harbach orch wks v3review
MS1618Devil’s trillreview
MS1623Discovering the classical trio v3review
MS1632Manchicourt missareview
MS1635Nothing provedreview
MS1642Resonant streamsreview
MS1645To a Camiareview
MS1646Harbach orch wks v4review
MS1650Christmas album review
MS165120C 2 piano concsreview
MS165220C 2 piano concs v2review
MS1672Harbach orch wks v5review
MS1673Goltermann nocturnes review
MS1676Musica incognita review
MS1688Liebermann pno wks v3review
MS1693Reale conc pno sonsreview
MS1697Russian tpt sonatasreview
MS1698Palestrina massreview
MS1699Dupont pno wksreview
MS17011919 vla sonatasreview
MS1703Reale string orchreview
MS1711Amy Johnson portraitreview
MS1715Reale wind chmbr wksreview
MS1735Ein feste burgreview
MS1737Bellido syreview
MS1738Vali chmbr wksreview
MS1740Be still my soulreview
MS1745Kim debutreview
MS1765Leshnoff str qtsreview
MS1777Cacioppo Illuminations review
MS1785Eryilmaz Dances review
MS1789Matalon pno wksreview
MS1805Fortuna antiqua review
MS1831Paray pno piecesreview