Naxos Historical 8.110…

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8.110013Rachmaninov PCs 2 & 3review
8.110075-6Kalman Csardasfurstinreview
8.110091-2Wagner Siegfriedreview review
8.110119-20Verdi Simon Boccanegareview review
8.110129-30Verdi Aida Tebaldi Del Monacoreview
8.110131-32Donizetti Luciareview review review
8.110168Sibelius Grieg orch wks Koussevitzkyreview review
8.110173E Coates orch worksreview
8.110233G&S Patiencereview
8.110235-37Wagner Lohengrinreview
8.110242-44Mussorgsky Boris Godunovreview review
8.110256-7Puccini Tosca Callasreview review
8.110258Leoncavallo I Pagliaccireview
8.110259-60Bellini I Puritani Callas Serafinreview review
8.110261Mascagni Cavalleriareview review
8.110265Gigli v4review review
8.110266Gigli v5review review review
8.110267Gigli v6review review
8.110268Gigli v7review review review
8.110269Gigli v8review review review
8.110270Gigli v9review review
8.110271Gigli v10review
8.110272Gigli v11review review
8.110275-6Giordano Andrea Chénier Giglireview
8.110277-9Strauss Rosenkavalier Reinerreview
8.110280-1Mozart Così fan tutte Buschreview review
8.110287-8Gershwin Porgy & Bessreview review
8.110293/4G&S Yeomenreview
8.110295G&S Ruddigorereview
8.110297-8Vivaldi 4 seasonsreview
8.110300-1Verdi Traviatareview
8.110302-4Ponchielli La Gioconda Callasreview review
8.110306Schumann pno qntreview review
8.110307Brahms Dvorak pno qntsreview
8.110308-10Wagner Lohengrinreview review
8.110314-15Bach WTC1 Landowskareview
8.110316Vla concs Primrosereview review review
8.110321-4Wagner Tristanreview review
8.110325-7Bellini Normareview review review
8.110328McCormack v1review review
8.110329McCormack v2review review
8.110332Schipa v1review review
8.110333Schipa v2review review review
8.110334Melba American recs v1review review
8.110335Melba American recs v2review
8.110336Melba American recs v3review
8.110385McCormack v9review
8.110678Welte-Mignon piano rolls v2review
8.110679Welte-Mignon piano rolls v3review
8.110736Friedman v4review
8.110750Beethoven pno wks v5 Schnabelreview
8.110753Caruso complete recordings v12review review
8.110754Björling Opera Arias and Duets v3review review
8.110759Beethoven pno sonatas v5 Schnabelreview
8.110760Beethoven pno wks v6 Schnabelreview
8.110761Beethoven pno wks v7 Schnabelreview
8.110762Beethoven pno wks v8 Schnabelreview review review
8.110763Beethoven pno wks v9 Schnabelreview review
8.110764Beethoven pno wks v10 Schnabelreview review review
8.110765Beethoven pno wks v11 Schnabelreview
8.110766Brahms PC2 Backhausreview
8.110767Beethoven PC2 Kapellreview review review
8.110768Italian Popular Song v1review review
8.110771Brahms/Schumann vln sonatas Menuhinreview
8.110774Levitzki v3review
8.110775Beethoven vln sons Menuhinreview review
8.110776Beethoven PCs Moisiewitschreview review review
8.110777Busoni & pupilsreview review
8.110779Richard Tauber operettareview review
8.110780Nellie Melba London recordingsreview
8.110785-6G&S Sorcererreview review review
8.110787Beethoven Rachmaninov PC Horowitzreview review review review
8.110788Bjorling v4review review review
8.110789Bjorling v5review review
8.110790Bjorling v6review review
8.110791Bjorling v7review
8.110850Mahler Das Lied von der Erde VPO/Walterreview
8.110864Beethoven overtures Mengelbergreview
8.110865Tchaikovsky Symph 6 Furtwanglerreview review review
8.110870Ketelby Tangled tunesreview review
8.110877Beethoven Symph 6 Toscaninireview
8.110878Beethoven trple conc PC3review review review
8.110879Beethoven sy5 Furtwanglerreview
8.110880-82Bach Matthew Passion Mengelbergreview review
8.110885Tchaikovsky sy6 Mengelbergreview review
8.110886Romberg conducts Romberg v2review
8.110895Haydn Mozart sys Toscaninireview review review
8.110896Mahler sy5 Walterreview review
8.110897-8Humperdinck Hansel & Gretelreview review review review
8.110913Beethoven sy5 Weingartnerreview
8.110976Casals Encores & Transcriptions v2review review
8.110979Szigeti v1 Bach VCsreview review
8.110982-3Delius Village R&J Beechamreview
8.110984Delius orch wks v4 Beechamreview
8.110985Casals encores v3review review
8.110986Casals encores v4review review
8.110987Casals encores v5review
8.110988Mozart Beethoven vln sons Menuhinreview
8.110989Menuhin vln sonsreview
8.110990Beethoven Brahms Franck vln sons Heifetzreview review review
8.110991Mendelssohn Bruch VCs Menuhinreview review review review
8.110992Kreisler plays Kreislerreview review review
8.110993Maud Powell v4review
8.110994Gluck Alceste Mozart Furtwanglerreview
8.110996Beethoven VC Mozart sy40 Furtwanglerreview review
8.110998Brahms sy 1 Furtwanglerreview
8.110999Brahms VC Furtwanglerreview