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PDVD1201Richter plays Beethoven & Chopinreview
PDVD1202Richter plays Schumann & Russiansreview
PDVD1205Richter with orchreview
PDVD1207Mozart PCs Richterreview
PDVD1209Debussy & Haydn Richterreview
PACL95001Richter in Sofiareview
PACL95005Brahms vln sons Szeryngreview
PACL95010Seidel Rarereview
PACL95011Haendel Hassidreview
PACD96025Richter 50s v6review
PACD96032Richter Leipzig concert 1963review
PACD96042-4Beethoven late str qtsreview
PACD96046-7Richter 50s v7review
PACD96051-2Lost Art of Jacob Lateinerreview
PACD96057Copland before the LPreview
PACD96057Bohemian Qtreview
PACD96061Richter in Brooklynreview
PACD96065-6Art of Josef Gingoldreview
PACD96067Black swansreview
PACD96069 Moyse In Personreview
PACD96073Prokofiev on the airreview
PACD96081-2Lost Art of Jacob Lateiner v2review