SOMM Ariadne

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ARIADNE5001Grieg songsreview
ARIADNE5002Bernstein Broadway to Hollywoodreview review review
ARIADNE5004Bach cantatas Ferrierreview
ARIADNE5005Elgar from America v1review review review
ARIADNE5007Ferrier in NYreview
ARIADNE5008Elgar from America v2review review review
ARIADNE5009Great classic film msuic v2review review
ARIADNE5010Ferrier treasuresreview review
ARIADNE5011Szell Cleveland O Forgotten recsreview review
ARIADNE5012Favourite orchestral wks Sutherlandreview
ARIADNE5013Sibelius sy1review review
ARIADNE5014Hail Caledonia review review review
ARIADNE5015Elgar from America v3review review
ARIADNE5016VW live v1review review
ARIADNE5018VW live v2review review
ARIADNE5019VW live v3review review
ARIADNE5020VW live v4review review