Bach JC

David Rizzio Makaris Olde Focus FCR921

The Galant David Rizzio (Olde Focus Recordings)

An interesting contribution to our knowledge of the music scene in 18th-century England and the history of Scottish traditional music [JV]

JC Bach: Complete Opera Overtures (cpo)

(Déjà Review) Anthony Halstead’s marvellous players have caused me to spend several hours exploring this and related repertoire [DBi]

Mozart in Milan (Arcana)

An engaging new performance of Mozart’s Exsultate, jubilate, plus works to set it in context [DF]

Bach Abel Society Les Ombres Mirare MIR584

Bach-Abel Society (Mirare)

A very entertaining disc, which gives a good impression of what may have been performed at the Bach-Abel concerts [JV]