Bruckner sym3 09026639332

Bruckner: Symphony No. 3 (RCA)

(Déjà Review) Distinction and commitment, sonorous and urgently compelling [TB]

Bruckner: Symphony No. 6, Te Deum (Testament)

An alpha performance of the Te Deum, but an omega one of the symphony [LD]

klemperer warner remastered

Otto Klemperer (conductor): The Remastered Edition (Warner Classics)

Klemperer consolidated; his full Warner legacy in best-yet transfers [JW]

bruckner book carragan

Anton Bruckner: Eleven Symphonies (Bruckner Society of America)

A highly informative and accessible guide through the thickets of Bruckner scholarship [RMo]

Karl Böhm (conductor): The SWR Recordings (SWR Classic)

A rewarding collection [GT]

bruckner symphony two pianos high definition tape transfers

Bruckner: Symphony 9 for 2 Pianos (High Definition Tape Transfers)

A highly successful transcription embracing a wide variety of moods and colours [RMo]

Bruckner Symphony 4 Roth Myrios MYR032

Bruckner: Symphony 4 (Myrios Classics)

Roth makes a fine case for the original version of Bruckner’s Fourth [JQ]

Bruckner sym3 09026613742

Bruckner: Symphony 3 (RCA)

As fine a performance of the 1889 version of Bruckner’s Third Symphony as you could wish from a great partnership [RMo]

bruckner symphony dausgaard bis

Bruckner: Symphony 4 (BIS)

Another weak instalment in this ongoing Bruckner cycle series [RMo]

Bruckner Symphony 3 Poschner Capriccio C8086

Bruckner: Symphony 3 (Capriccio)

Played somewhat ‘wrong,’ but much of it still right [SV]

Bruckner: The Symphonies – Organ Transcriptions Vol. 6 (Oehms Classics)

A virtuoso player vividly brings to life a transformed orchestral masterpiece [MSt]

Bruckner Sym 1-9 Blomstedt Accentus ACC80575

Bruckner: Symphonies 1-9 (Accentus Music)

As fine a collection of the nine, numbered Bruckner symphonies as one could wish for, in superb sound [RMo]

Bruckner: Symphony No. 4 (Capriccio)

Poschner’s well-directed Complete Versions series continues [RMo]

Bruckner sym6 LSO0842

Bruckner: Symphony 6 (LSO Live)

Controversial and underwhelming Bruckner from Rattle [LD]

bruckner symphony dausgaard bis

Bruckner: Symphony No. 4 (BIS)

Speed is not a substitute for energy [DP]

bruckner rattle lso live

Bruckner: Symphony 4 (LSO Live)

Rattle’s ‘Romantic’ replete with missed opportunities [LD]

bruckner-symphony schaller organ profil

Bruckner: Symphony 5 for Organ (Profil)

A more grateful acoustic. a more varied sonic palette and a more propulsive manner incline me to prefer Schaller’s arrangement over Giesen’s [RMo]

Bruckner: Symphony No. 9 (Sony Classical)

Superb engineering and wonderful playing hobbled by Thielemann’s reluctance to sacrifice beauty of sound to emotional release [RMo]

Bruckner symp4 MYR032

Bruckner: Symphony 4 (Myrios Classics)

A crisp, clean realisation of the specific soundworld of Bruckner’s music, culminating in a finale of epic power [RMo]

bruckner symphonies blomstedt accentus

Bruckner: Symphonies 1-9 (Accentus Music)

An important and impressive contribution to the Bruckner discography [JQ]

bruckner philips jochum

Bruckner: Symphony 5 (Philips)

(Déjà Review) A classic recording rightly restored to the catalogue in good sound and an example of Jochum’s Bruckner at its best [TD]

Bruckner: Symphonies 3 & 6 (Unitel Editions)

Today’s pre-eminent Bruckner conductor conducts the essential Bruckner orchestra in superb live accounts of two of the more elusive symphonies [RWe]

Bruckner: Symphony No 8 (Capriccio)

Anyone wanting to hear the original version of Bruckner’s monumental Eighth Symphony given the best possible advocacy need look no further [RMo]

Bruckner No 4 1876v Poschner Capriccio C8084

Bruckner: Symphony 4 (Capriccio)

A fine performance vitiated by Poschner’s penchant for rushed tempi [RMo]