Kapustin: Piano Concerto 5 (Capriccio)

Kapustin’s jazz-based music brought to life in brilliant fashion [JW]

Bruckner: Symphony No 8 (Capriccio)

Anyone wanting to hear the original version of Bruckner’s monumental Eighth Symphony given the best possible advocacy need look no further [RMo]

Lortzing Der Waffenschmied Hussain Capriccio C5490

Lortzing: Der Waffenschmied (Capriccio)

By and large, a worthy reading of Der Waffenschmied, and it is good to see a brand-new recording of the work [GF]

Bruckner No 4 1876v Poschner Capriccio C8084

Bruckner: Symphony 4 (Capriccio)

A fine performance vitiated by Poschner’s penchant for rushed tempi [RMo]

Martinů: Larmes de couteau (Capriccio)

Martinů’s one-act operas heard in persuasive, lively performances [JW]

Bruckner Symphony No 4 1876 version Poschner Capriccio C8084

Bruckner: Symphony No 4 (Capriccio)

Bruckner’s ‘Romantic’ Symphony in its original version from Poschner is solely for Brucknerian aficionados [GT]

Humperdinck: Der Blaue Vogel (Capriccio)

A premiere recording of an incandescent lost score [MP]

Bruckner symphony C8086

Bruckner: Symphony 3 (Capriccio)

An intriguing recording which will be wanted by those collecting this cycle [GT]