JC Bach: Complete Opera Overtures (cpo)

(Déjà Review) Anthony Halstead’s marvellous players have caused me to spend several hours exploring this and related repertoire [DBi]

Mozart: Die verstellte Gärtnerin (CPO)

The new reference recording of Mozart’s Die verstellte Gärtnerin [DF]

Atterberg Symph 1 and 4 Rasilainen cpo9996392

Atterberg: Symphonies 1 & 4 (cpo)

A very auspicious start to cpo’s Atterberg Symphonies series [IL]

Weigl Gaudenz cpo 555360-2

Weigl: Piano Concerto (cpo)

Wonderful late romanticism conveying vast landscapes of imagination [RCh]

Bacewicz symphonies cpo 555556-2

Bacewicz: Symphonies (cpo)

The first volume of the complete orchestral works by one of Poland’s finest twentieth-century symphonists [GH]

pettersson symphonies cpo

Pettersson: Symphonies 10 & 11 (cpo)

(Déjà Review) Deeply impressing pieces [RB]

Telemann cantatas Koch cpo 5554372

Telemann: Cantatas, Vol 2 (cpo)

Exquisite period-instrument performances of rarely-heard Telemann cantatas [DF]

korngold kathrin cpo

Korngold: Die Kathrin (cpo)

(Déjà Review) Music of your most romantic dreams and packing a grand emotional punch [RB]

lincke overtures 5554282

Lincke: Overtures Vol. 1 (cpo)

There may be more to Lincke than the Gavotte Pavlova and Berliner Luft [RMay]

Bacewicz symphonies cpo 555556-2

Bacewicz: Symphonies (cpo)

Rigour and rhythmic drive somewhat leavened by folkloric elements [JW]

Glass symphony 7778982

L Glass: Symphony 4 (CPO)

A commanding recording of Louis Glass’s (occasionally) problematic Fourth Symphony [JW]

mattheson boris goudenow CPO 555502-2

Mattheson: Boris Goudenow (CPO)

A long hidden operatic version of Boris Godunov gets its first recording with a respectable cast of young performers [MP]

Rauchenecker Sym1 5554162

Rauchenecker: Symphony No 1 (CPO)

Forgotten works by a forgotten composer may not be masterpieces but certainly worth a listen [NB]

Mayer Symphonies 3 and 7 CPO 5555511-2

Mayer: Symphonies Nos 3 and 7 (CPO)

Two little-known symphonies prove to be interesting but not essential listening [NB]

Wolf Christmas 5555242

Wolf: Christmas Cantatas (CPO)

Another major step towards a reassessment of Wolf’s oeuvre [JV]