jensen legacy danacord

Thomas Jensen (conductor) Legacy Vol. 18 (Danacord)

Core repertory from Thomas Jensen in authoritative performances [JW]

Schultz: Efterklange (Echoes) (Danacord)

Well-wrought and ultimately charming repertoire [JF]

Rarities of Piano Music at Schloss vor Husum – August 2022 Festival (Danacord)

Well-chosen, interesting repertoire, and many discoveries [JF]

American Dances Licad Danacord DACOCD965

Anthology of American Piano Music Vol. 5 (Danacord)

Licad’s extrovert pianism suits this vibrant recital [RCh]

great danish woman pianists danacord

Three Great Danish Woman Pianists (Danacord)

(Déjà Review) A most worthwhile conspectus of these three very varied women [JW]

Grieg: Violin Sonatas (Danacord)

A fine balance of confidence, naivety and a sense of Nordic tragedy in each sonata’s progress [JF]

Anthology of American Piano Music Vol. 5 (Danacord)

Impeccable, illuminating and inspiring performances [JF]

Schubert lieder DACOCD961

Schubert: Lieder (Danacord)

Splendidly captures the mood of these songs, with all their varied emotions [JF]

Poulenc Piano Works Damgaard Danacord DACOCD960

Poulenc: Piano Works (Danacord Records)

Affectionate, elegant and sophisticated performances [JF]

Schultz efterklange DACOCD951

Schultz: Efterklange Vol 1 (Danacord)

This is a desirable acquisition for all lovers of choral music [GF]

Emil Reesen (conductor) The Art of (Danacord)

Reesen conducts miscellaneous lighter material including the first Danish orchestral records [JW]

Mendelssohn F Das Jahr Danacord DACOCD957

Mendelssohn, F: Das Jahr (Danacord)

An attractive performance of Mendelssohn-Hensel’s most ambitious piano collection [RCh]

Grondahl legacy DACOCD887

Launy Grøndahl (conductor) Legacy Vol. 7 (Danacord)

The Grøndahl legacy series reaches volume 7 with a question mark or two [JW]

Musique lyrique pour cor et piano (Danacord)

A rewarding exploration of a variety of virtuosic works – technical wizardry and sheer lyricism [JF]

Ravel piano Marshev DACOCD904

Ravel: Piano Music Vol. 2 (Danacord)

The second of three volumes, of great interest to all Ravelians [JF]

Thomas Jensen (conductor) Legacy Vol 14 (Danacord)

New and adventurous repertoire from Thomas Jensen’s broadcasts [JW]

Mendelssohn jahr DACOCD957

Fanny Mendelssohn: Das Jahr (Danacord)

A powerful work of considerable creative strength and technical proficiency [JF]

Hartmann piano DACOCD950

Hartmann: Piano Works vol. 4 (Danacord)

This specialist-market disc will appeal to enthusiasts of Danish music and romanticism [JF]

Husum piano DACOCD949

Piano Rarities at Husum 2022 (Danacord)

Husum surprises and delights once more [RCh]