David Barker

Sinigaglia String Quartets Naxos 8574495 

Sinigaglia: Works for String Quartet Vol 2 (Naxos)

Sunny and engaging music, far removed from the typical late Romantic fare [DJB]

Humour and Classical Music: Salut Salon

by David Barker

Naples cpo 5553152

Marvels of the 18th Century in Naples (cpo)

No marvels here [DJB]

CPEBach piano concertos Sciortino Hanssler HC23008

CPE Bach: Piano Concertos (Hänssler Classic)

I’m still not entirely sold on CPE’s keyboard music, but the concertos’ slow movements did impress [DJB]

Kahn & d’Indy: Clarinet Trios (cpo)

Contrasting and enjoyable works, given fine performances [DJB]

Humour and Classical Music: Animated Shorts

by David Barker

Mirecki & J Wieniawski: Symphonies (DUX)

Two little-known composers, one very fine work [DJB]

More Bach (Challenge Classics)

Vibrant and energetic performances, a standout Third Brandenburg, but the disc is underfilled [DJB]

Hofmann piano HC22014

Hofmann: Complete Piano Chamber Music (Hänssler Classic)

Full of melodies that please, but do not linger in the memory [DJB]

Ponce, Turina, Villa-Lobos: Piano Trios (IBS Classical)

Intelligent choice of attractive works, well performed [DJB]

Kahn Chamber Hohenstaufen Hänssler HC22075

Kahn: Chamber Music (Hänssler Classic)

This protégé of Brahms had a definite gift for melody [DJB]

Humour and Classical Music: Hindemith’s Flying Dutchman Overture

by David Barker

Goltermann: Cello Concerto & Symphony (Capriccio)

Not an original voice, but thoroughly enjoyable pieces nonetheless [DJB]

Glass: Complete Piano Études (DUX)

A few tempos don’t quite work, but some of the pieces match the best [DJB]

Ostinato (Pan Classics)

A beautifully burnished sound, but the dominance of slow tempos is a negative [DJB]

Reverie polish Dux1765

Rêverie – Polish Cello Miniatures (Dux)

First recordings of works that deserved to stay buried [DJB]

Biber Sonatas Accent ACC24386

Biber: Sonatas (Accent)

The sonatas are fabulous, but the trumpet duos do rather drag on [DJB]

puts city naxos

Puts: The City (Naxos)

Three substantial and very fine orchestral works; the Marimba Concerto is a joy [DJB]

pisendel concertos berlin

Pisendel: Violin Concerti (Berlin Classics)

A resounding success [DJB]

Humour and Classical Music: Johann Strauss II’s Perpetuum Mobile

by David Barker

icelandic stage chandos isolfsson

Icelandic Works for the Stage (Chandos)

Well-crafted and thoroughly enjoyable music; Viðar is a definite discovery [DJB]

D'Alay Dresden Concertos Reale Concerto Dynamic CDS7982

D’Alay: The Dresden Concertos (Dynamic)

Pleasant, undemanding and unremarkable [DJB]

Mompou: Música callada­ Books 1-4 (Hyperion)

Mompou fans will want this, but it remained a closed book to me [DJB]

ciaccona glossa

Ciaconna! (Glossa)

Everything here – music, performances, sound and notes – is exceptional [DJB]