Hänssler Classic

CPE Bach: Piano Concertos (Hänssler)

Soloist Orazio Sciortino is in splendid form, so there is much to enjoy here [MC]

Mozart: Symphonies No. 34-36 (Hänssler Classic)

Played with sincerity, but the competition is fierce [MC]

brahms quartets hanssler

Brahms: String Quartets (Hänssler Classic)

(Déjà Review) No lover of fine chamber music should be without this disc [KS]

Wolf Italian Serenade Hanssler CD93024

Wolf: String Quartets (Hänssler Classic)

(Déjà Review) The Fine Arts Quartet enters into Wolf’s tormented world with total empathy [CH]

Schubert, Mendelssohn, Beethoven: Fantasias for Piano  (Hänssler Classic)

A really promising solo debut album [MC]

CPEBach piano concertos Sciortino Hanssler HC23008

CPE Bach: Piano Concertos (Hänssler Classic)

I’m still not entirely sold on CPE’s keyboard music, but the concertos’ slow movements did impress [DJB]

Mozart: Symphonies 34-36 (Hänssler Classic)

Symphonies 34 and 35 get entertainingly fresh, well balanced, focussed and detailed accounts but Symphony 36 is less secure [MG]

Hofmann piano HC22014

Hofmann: Complete Piano Chamber Music (Hänssler Classic)

Full of melodies that please, but do not linger in the memory [DJB]

Kahn Chamber Hohenstaufen Hänssler HC22075

Kahn: Chamber Music (Hänssler Classic)

This protégé of Brahms had a definite gift for melody [DJB]

Muller-Hermann Chamber Hanssler HC22082

Müller-Hermann: Chamber Music (Hänssler Classic)

A chamber music pairing that reflects contrasting influences on a still little-known Austrian composer [JW]

Fink: The Great Organ Works (Hänssler Classic)

A forgotten German composer well worth exploring [MSt]

Schubert Mass No 5 Bernius Hanssler HC22041

Schubert: Mass (Hänssler Classic)

Bernius does not disappoint in one of Schubert’s most memorable, songful masterpieces [LW]

senfter viola hanssler

Senfter: Complete works for viola & piano (Hänssler Classic)

Regerian inheritances haunt Johanna Senfter’s unsettled and largely melancholic viola works [JW]

valse saxon hanssler

La Valse (Hänssler Classic)

These wind orchestra arrangements could hardly be better played [MC]

Schumann piano works Oppitz Hanssler HC22045

R Schumann: Piano Works (Hänssler Classic)

Gerhard Oppitz excels in Schumann works he has lived with his whole career [MC]

Schulhoff: Piano Concerto (Hänssler)

Two of Schulhoff’s finest works, both well performed and recorded [MC]

Abel: Cello Concertos (Hänssler Classic)

Four graceful concertante works of the mid to late 18th century, which may not excite but do entertain [DJB]

Kubelik Mendelssohn HC22065

Mendelssohn/Kubelik: Violin Concertos (Hanssler)

The romantic First Violin Concerto of Jan Kubelík receives a premiere recording [JW]