Hänssler Classic

valse saxon hanssler

La Valse (Hänssler Classic)

These wind orchestra arrangements could hardly be better played [MC]

Schumann piano works Oppitz Hanssler HC22045

R Schumann: Piano Works (Hänssler Classic)

Gerhard Oppitz excels in Schumann works he has lived with his whole career [MC]

Schulhoff: Piano Concerto (Hänssler)

Two of Schulhoff’s finest works, both well performed and recorded [MC]

Abel: Cello Concertos (Hänssler Classic)

Four graceful concertante works of the mid to late 18th century, which may not excite but do entertain [DJB]

Kubelik Mendelssohn HC22065

Mendelssohn/Kubelik: Violin Concertos (Hanssler)

The romantic First Violin Concerto of Jan Kubelík receives a premiere recording [JW]