Johan van Veen

praetorius schutz cpo

Praetorius & Schütz: Sacred Works (cpo)

Another recording of great importance and of great beauty from these performers [JV]

Becker Sacred Concertos and Sonatas cpo 5554642

Becker: Sacred Concertos & Sonatas (cpo)

Excellent performances of the complete sacred works of Dietrich Becker [JV]

Bigaglia: Cantate per soprano e continuo (Tactus)

Lovers of baroque vocal music, keen to expand their horizons, should investigate [JV]

The Spohr Collection Vol 2 (Channel Classics)

Unique opportunity to hear baroque flute concertos on historical transverse flutes [JV]

Ein deutsches Barockrequiem Vox Luminis Ricerca -RIC445

Ein deutsches Barockrequiem (Ricercar)

Vox Luminis strikes again – a special recommendation is inevitable [JV]

Leipzig 1723 – Musical illustration (Accentus Music)

Musical illustration of a famous story [JV]

Venezia violin Alpha935

Duello d’archi a Venezia (Alpha Classics)

Every lover of the baroque violin will be delighted to listen to these performances {JV]

kuhnau sacred cpo

Kuhnau: Sacred Works Vol. 8 (cpo)

With this disc one of the most interesting projects of recent years comes to a glorious conclusion [JV]

Porpora: L’aureo serto (Challenge Classics)

Well chosen pieces in fine performances are a perfect case for Porpora [JV]

worship plague musica omnia

Worship in a Time of Plague (Musica Omnia)

Interesting programme, good performances but not without some issues [JV]

CPE and JC Bach VdG Sonatas Arcana A543

CPE and JC Bach: Viola da Gamba Sonatas (Arcana)

A captivating disc, which fully lives up to what its title promises [JV]

l'altra venezia snakewood

L’altra Venezia (Snakewood)

Largely unknown repertoire of high quality in outstanding performances [JV]

bodinus divertissements cpo

Bodinus: Divertissements (cpo)

(Déjà Review) Simply excellent music – why has it never been recorded before? [JV]

London 1740 HMM902613

London circa 1740 – Handel’s Musicians (Harmonia Mundi)

A compelling and entertaining survey of what was written and performed in London around 1740 [JV]

Leopolitanus Liturgica ACD314

Leopolitanus: Musica liturgica (CD Accord)

An interesting and musically compelling document which sheds light on Poland’s musical past [JV]

17th Century Music for Canto & Basso (Brilliant Classics)

A compelling display of the brilliant music that was written in Italy in the first half of the 17th century [JV]

Concertos first AV0014

The World’s First Piano Concertos (Avie)

(Déjà Review) Excellent performances of early piano concertos played on a little-known instrument [JV]

weelkes choral regent

Weelkes: What joy so true (Regent)

A splendid contribution to the Weelkes commemoration [JV]

Roman To the Northern Star Resonus RES10316

Roman: Vocal and Chamber Music (Resonus Classics)

Splendid performances of vocal and chamber music by the main composer of the Swedish Baroque [JV]

Leclair elite bon mots flora

Leclair: Elite de bons mots (Flora)

Extroverted performances in an intimate setting [JV]

Bach Family: Motets (Christophorus)

Unusual performances due to relatively slow tempi, but full of expression [JV]

Gesualdo Gent Herreweghe Phi LPH036

Gesualdo: Madrigals (PHI)

Expressive interpretations, but the ensemble is not entirely satisfying [JV]

mandolin gimo collection tactus

Mandolin works from the Gimo Collection (Tactus)

I have thoroughly enjoyed this recording, especially the sonatas by Gervasio [JV]

Jacquet de La Guerre: Violin sonatas (Centaur)

Good performances but not top of the bill [JV]