Johan van Veen

marcello cantatas elegia

A & B Marcello: Cantatas (Elegia Classics)

I am very impressed by Lucia Cortese’s performances of these cantatas [JV]

van Helmont Leçons de Ténèbres Ricercar RIC454

van Helmont: Leçons de Ténèbres (Ricercar)

Van Helmont’s Leçons fully deserve to be recorded, and Scherzi Musicali has done a great job of performing them [JV]

neander psalter cantate

Neander: Psalter und Harffe (Cantate)

This disc opens a window to a part of 17th century religious and musical culture that is little-known [JV]

Ténèbres et Abysse (Château de Versailles Spectacles)

Excellent and often exciting performances of partly little-known music [JV]

Brussels Trio Sonatas Etcetera KTC1679

Brussels Trio Sonatas (Etcetera Records)

An interesting production, because of the repertoire and the instruments of the performers [JV]

The Monteverdi Organ (Brilliant Classics)

Groundbreaking from the perspective of performance practice [JV]

Vivaldi: La Senna festeggiante (Château de Versailles Spectacles)

If you have no recording of this work in your collection, this is a good choice [JV]

vivaldi sonatas brilliant

Vivaldi: Sonatas for 2 Violins (Brilliant Classics)

Vivaldi’s instrumental music is more theatrical than these performances suggest [JV]

Wenn ich nur Dich hab (Carpe Diem Records)

Top-class performances of German sacred music from the baroque period [JV]

Aumann Chamber Letzbor Challenge CC72876

Aumann: Chamber Music (Challenge Classics)

Entertaining music by a little-known composer, played with infectious enthusiasm [JV]

hofer psalms christophorus

Hofer: Psalms (Christophorus)

This disc suggests that the oeuvre of Hofer deserves to be thoroughly explored [JV]

Ripieno sonatas C00280

More than a dull ripieno! (Da Vinci Classics)

A most enjoyable disc, to which one may return regularly [JV]

Messes anonymes cut circle MEW2097

Messes anonymes (Musique en Wallonie)

These two masses are fascinating stuff, but the style of singing may not be everyone’s cup of tea [JV]

Adriatic voyage DCD34260

Adriatic Voyage (Delphian)

A compelling survey of Croatia’s musical past [JV]

Heinichen: Dresden Vespers (Accent)

Excellent recording of music by a composer who was in no way inferior to the best of his time [JV]

Vivaldi, Leclair, Locatelli: Violin Concertos (Harmonia Mundi)

An excellent demonstration of what was written for the violin in the high baroque era [JV]

capricornus sonatas niburu

Capricornus: Vocal & Instrumental works (Nibiru)

A perfect demonstration of the quality of Capricornus’s oeuvre [JV]

schutz david and salomon jourdain HMM905346

Schütz: David & Salomon (harmonia mundi)

An interesting production that is marred by some serious issues [JV]

Veggio, Ridio, Bertoldo: Complete Organ Music (Brilliant Classics)

Scandali could not have made a better choice than the oldest of the two organs in San Petronio [JV]

Voices ephrata BSTC0141

Voices – Ephrata Cloister (Bright Shiny Things)

A very interesting production, both historically and musically [JV]

Ariosti 6 Lessons Brilliant 95620

Ariosti: Lessons for viola d’amore (Brilliant Classics)

A perfect disc to become acquainted with the viola d’amore and Ariosti’s sonatas [JV]

de Lalande: Les soupers du roi (Château de Versailles)

Lively and colourful performances of Louis XIV’s favourite music [JV]

Dreyer sacred 96405

Dreyer: Sacred Music (Brilliant)

Dreyer’s works are well worth the efforts to save them from the effects of a flood [JV]

Bach Abel Society Les Ombres Mirare MIR584

Bach-Abel Society (Mirare)

A very entertaining disc, which gives a good impression of what may have been performed at the Bach-Abel concerts [JV]