Metamorphosis Contemporary Harpsichord Prima Facie PFCD191

Contemporary Music for Harpsichord (Prima Facie)

A persuasive survey of music written for the twentieth-century harpsichord revival [MSt]

Viennese Reflections (Gramola)

An unusual and illuminating programme of music for the organ with connections to Vienna [MSt]

Ruoff organv4 TOCC0672

Ruoff: Organ works Vol. 4 (Toccata Classics)

A little-known German composer who writes distinguished music for the organ with a wide variety of influences [MSt]

Bruckner: The Symphonies – Organ Transcriptions Vol. 6 (Oehms Classics)

A virtuoso player vividly brings to life a transformed orchestral masterpiece [MSt]

Fink: The Great Organ Works (Hänssler Classic)

A forgotten German composer well worth exploring [MSt]

Couperin messe CVS083

Couperin: Messe Pour Les Paroisses (Château de Versailles)

A significant achievement in realisation of 18th century French music [MS]

Diagonal Music Alba Records ABCD513

Diagonal Music (Alba)

Played with such evident affection for the music, both contemporary and classical [MSt]

coleridge-taylor piano welch

Coleridge-Taylor: Piano Works (Private release)

An album of piano music from the Edwardian age showing elegance and craftsmanship and performed with conviction [MSt]

milford organ priory

Milford: Complete Organ Works (Priory)

An excellent recording of little-known music by a pupil of Vaughan Williams and contemporary of Finzi [MSt]