Diamond: Symphony No.3 (Naxos)

(Déjà Review) Fresh, devoted performances of music fully worthy of continued attention [CC]

Balada sym4 8557342 1

Balada: Orchestral works (Naxos)

The most immediately appealing of the three Naxos/Balada discs I’ve reviewed [HC]

Zelenski Janek Naxos 8660521-22

Żeleński: Janek (Naxos)

A buttoned–up attempt to transfer verismo opera to Poland, simply misses the point [MP]

Barber Knoxville Naxos 8559134

Barber: Orchestral Works Vol 5 (Naxos)

(Déjà Review) Very fine indeed – Knoxville is a particularly conspicuous success [JQ]

Johnson: De Organizer, The Dreamy Kid (Naxos)

An interesting pair of early operas with roots in the African-American musical tradition [GF]

Rorem: Symphonies No. 1-3 (Naxos)

(Déjà Review) Three remarkable and previously unrecorded American Symphonies from a composer more noted for his vocal music [PSh]

Prokofiev: Piano Sonatas 5, 6 & 9 (Naxos)

(Déjà Review) I was captivated with Glemser’s playing which emphasises the lyrical and romantic side [GH]

Mahler: Das Lied von der Erde (Naxos Historical)

(Déjà Review) Spiritual engagement of the profoundest kind [JW]

Zurich affair NBD0170V

The Zurich Affair – Wagner’s One and Only Love (Naxos)

A worthwhile effort is sadly – but seriously – flawed [RMay]

Bliss qtets 8557108

Bliss: String Quartets (Naxos)

(Déjà Review) Another fine collection to the Maggini’s growing catalogue of English chamber music [NHo]

Carissimi Ten Motets Naxos 8.555076

Carissimi: Ten Motets (Naxos)

(Déjà Review) Music helped by the beautiful and beatific voice of bass Garrick Comeaux [GH]

Alfano qtets 8579042

Alfano: Complete String Quartets (Naxos)

Wondrously fervent, hot-house stuff … upon you with tiger-like ferocity [RB]

Sinigaglia String Quartets Naxos 8574495 

Sinigaglia: Works for String Quartet Vol 2 (Naxos)

Sunny and engaging music, far removed from the typical late Romantic fare [DJB]

Beethoven Cello Sonatas Kliegel Naxos 8.555786

Beethoven: Cello & Piano works (Naxos)

(Déjà Review) This cycle is looking likely to be among the best on record [DS]

Antheil: Violin Sonatas (Naxos)

Bravura performances cannot prevent ‘modern’ music from showing its age [NB]

Santoro Symph 8 Naxos 8.574410

Santoro: Symphony 8 & Cello Concerto (Naxos)

Yet another facet of Santoro’s musical progress [HC]

ligeti etudes naxos

Ligeti: Études (Naxos)

A modernist take on Ligeti’s marvellous Études, with interesting extras [SB]

Scriabin sym2 8574139

Scriabin: The Poem of Ecstasy, Symphony No. 2 (Naxos)

Exemplary justice done … ecstatic filigree and truculent brass artillery [RB]

Ives: Complete Sets for Chamber Orchestra (Naxos)

Colourful and quirky Ives receiving skilled if somewhat studious performances [NB]

Bliss String Qu 1 Maggini Naxos 8.557108

Bliss: String Quartet 1 (Naxos)

(Déjà Review) An interesting and worthwhile issue in every way [TB]

Coates British Light Music Naxos 8.110173

Coates: Orchestral works (Naxos)

(Déjà Review) Performances that shine through the old recorded sound [JL]

Stainer crucifixion 8557624

Stainer: The Crucifixion (Naxos)

Naxos has done English choral music proud in the last few years and this is another fine release [JQ]

Sibelius: The Tempest (Naxos)

Okko Kamu gives voice to one of Sibelius’s most enigmatic utterances [RB]

The Synthetists Revisited (Naxos)

Band music by a group of Belgian composers, worth repeated hearing [HC]