wagner orchestral ring sony

Wagner: Orchestral Selections from Der Ring des Nibelungen (RCA/Sony)

It would be hard to find a more sumptuously played and superbly recorded Wagner disc than this one [MB]

Bruckner sym3 09026639332

Bruckner: Symphony No. 3 (RCA)

(Déjà Review) Distinction and commitment, sonorous and urgently compelling [TB]

Strauss: Works for Cello (RCA)

(Déjà Review) Isserlis’s truly heartfelt performance expresses the Don’s humour, gravity, irony and pathos with marvellous subtlety [SF]

Heifetz RCA 09026639072

Heifetz reDiscovered (RCA)

(Déjà Review) A disc of drama, excitement and real historical and musical value [JW]

Schuman Symphony 10 Slatkin RCA 09026 612822

Schuman: Symphony 10 (RCA)

A useful survey of Schuman’s works [SB]

Piston Symphony 6 Slatkin RCA 60798

Piston: Symphony 6 (RCA)

Three well-chosen works by this fine American composer [SB]

Mozart: Overtures (RCA)

(Déjà Review) Davis cleaves to traditional values with his superlative orchestra, splendidly recorded [JW]

Rossini Overtures Reiner RCA GD60837

Rossini: Overtures (RCA)

(Déjà Review) Effervescent music and the unmatched panache of Reiner’s conducting are a winning formula! [PJL]

Ives St Louis Slatkin RCA 09026-61222-2

Ives: Symphony 3, Three Places in New England (RCA)

A satisfying recital that is strong on earnest and shining integrity [RB]

holst planets rca

Holst: The Planets (RCA)

A typically virtuosic recording from a great American partnership [RMo]

Bruckner sym3 09026613742

Bruckner: Symphony 3 (RCA)

As fine a performance of the 1889 version of Bruckner’s Third Symphony as you could wish from a great partnership [RMo]

Schubert quintet 82876623102

Schubert: String Quintet (RCA)

A fine performance even if it does not quite displace my established favourites [RMo]

Schubert Lieder Watts Vignoles RCA 88697329322

Schubert: Lieder (RCA)

(Déjà Review) A fine young singer and a master accompanist [WH]

Alkan piano RCA09026633102

Alkan & Liszt: Piano Works (RCA)

Utterly commanding – refuses to let you do anything other than flinch, succumb, brave it out and celebrate [RB]

Copland symphonies Slatkin RCA 09026682922

Copland: Symphonies (RCA)

A welcome return to the catalogue of this valuable version of Copland’s early symphonies [SB]

Mahler Symph 4 Reiner RCA Victor 09026635332

Mahler: Symphony 4 (RCA Victor)

(Déjà Review) A cold journey through Mahler’s fairy tale landscapes [TD]

Rachmaninov: Orchestral Works (RCA)

Responds to every seething texture, supple moment and elemental fury [RB]

R Strauss: Orchestral Works (RCA)

A welcome re-issue of three justly famous Strauss recordings in superb sound [RMo]

paul bowles eos RCA 09026636852

Bowles: Orchestral and Vocal Music (RCA)

Writer and composer Paul Bowles restored on disc [JW]

Prokofiev: Symphony & Suites (RCA)

Bland interpretations further compromised by compressed digital sound – stick to classic, vintage accounts [RMo]

Jascha Heifetz: The Heifetz Collection Vol 35 (RCA-BMG)

Vivid and admirable shorter pieces but a Mendelssohn that has a heart of jagged tin [RB]

Gershwin Fascinating rhythm 09026632942

Gershwin: Fascinating Rhythm (RCA)

A welcome back to this astutely selected slice of Gershwin on Broadway [JW]

Bernstein dow 63581

Bernstein: How Now, Dow Jones (RCA)

A Broadway flop takes a bow [NB]

Cliburn Moscow 09026626952

Van Cliburn in Moscow (RCA)

Fine performances somewhat compromised by indifferent sound [RMo]