Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Piano Music (SOMM)

(Déjà Review) All credit to Bebbington and Somm for opening this stimulating door [RB]

Holst Choral Works SOMMCD279

Holst: Choral Works (SOMM Recordings)

An excellent and very welcome disc of Holst’s choral music [JQ]

Borenstein piano SOMMCD281

Borenstein: Piano Concerto (SOMM Recordings)

Interesting and at times striking works by a well performed composer [EJW]

vaughan williams somm

Vaughan Williams: Live Vol. 4 (SOMM Recordings)

More treasures lovingly restored – but without the revelations of the earlier volumes [NB]

The King of the Golden River (SOMM Recordings)

(Déjà Review) Another enterprising album from SOMM that deserves to succeed [IL]

Matthew-Walker Bebbington Somm CD0662

Matthew-Walker: A Bad Night in Los Angeles (SOMM Recordings)

Engaging and wide-ranging music played with style and conviction [NB]

mozart sonatas somm

Mozart: Piano Sonatas Vol. 5 (SOMM)

Sometimes monumental, sometimes impish, invariably engaging [MG]

Vaughan Williams Boult Somm ARIADNE5018

Vaughan Williams: Live Vol 2 (SOMM Recordings)

Lani Spahr’s expert restorations have breathed new life into these important archive recordings [JQ]

dodgson songs SOMMCD0659

Dodgson: Songs Vol. 1 (SOMM Recordings)

An enticing introduction to a fine composer’s songs [WH]

One Hundred Years of British Song Vol. 3 (SOMM)

Exemplary singing and sensitive accompaniment in a fascinating song recital [JF]

Holst choral SOMMCD279

Holst: Choral Works (Somm)

A significant release of Holst’s sacred choral music [JF]