Vaughan Williams

VW Symph 7 and 9 Brabbins Hyperion CDA68405

Vaughan Williams: Symphonies 7 & 9 (Hyperion)

A fine conclusion to Martyn Brabbins’ distinguished Vaughan Williams symphony cycle [JQ]

vaughan williams somm

Vaughan Williams: Live Vol. 4 (SOMM Recordings)

More treasures lovingly restored – but without the revelations of the earlier volumes [NB]

strings chandos

Music for Strings (Chandos)

An absolutely outstanding disc containing some of the best of English string music [EJW]

The King of the Golden River (SOMM Recordings)

(Déjà Review) Another enterprising album from SOMM that deserves to succeed [IL]

Vaughan Williams: Symphony No. 5 (Chandos)

(Déjà Review) A most impressive album [IL]

Vaughan Williams: Chamber Works (Resonus)

Attractive rarities, including an unstoppable performance of the Old 104th Fantasia [EJW]

Vaughan Williams Boult Somm ARIADNE5018

Vaughan Williams: Live Vol 2 (SOMM Recordings)

Lani Spahr’s expert restorations have breathed new life into these important archive recordings [JQ]

music strings chandos

Music for Strings (Chandos)

Superb playing and engineering; any reservations will centre upon the desirability of the programme [RMo]

British String Quartets (Rubicon Classics)

A lovely Celtic inflected collection of rarities [DMD]

vaughan williams PASC673

Vaughan Williams: Symphonies 6 & 9 (Pristine)

Pristine remastering of the first Boult cycle of Vaughan Williams symphonies reaches a triumphant conclusion [PCG]

British Choral Anthems (Naxos)

This recording of the Five Mystical Songs is touched by greatness [JQ]

VW extravaganza PASC672

Vaughan Williams: Extravaganza (Pristine)

Enlightening recordings by Boult of Vaughan Williams’ folk song suites and dance music [GT]

Vaughan Williams symphonies ALC1470

Vaughan Williams: Symphonies (Alto)

A fine pairing from two English conductors and orchestras, immersed in the idiom but in their very different ways [RMo]

Vaughan Williams symphonies PASC668

Vaughan Williams: Symphonies 7 & 8 (Pristine)

Another triumph for Pristine’s re-masterings of the Boult/Decca cycle [PCG]

VW symphonies CHSA5303

Vaughan Williams: Symphonies (Chandos/Halle)

Two very highly accomplished sets, either of which any listener would be happy with, but ultimately my heart belongs to the Chandos box [ST]