Zane Turner

Ichiro Suzuki (guitar): Intimate (IBS Classical)

The intimate guitar at its best [ZT]

Lauro: Guitar Music (Brilliant Classics)

Superior original guitar music; very credible performances [ZT]

Regondi: A 200th Birthday Bouquet (Bridge Records)

Virtuosic renditions of past gems [ZT]

John Williams The Beginning of a Legend IDIS 6600

John Williams (guitar) The Beginning of a Legend (IDIS)

(Déjà Review) An important historical recording [ZT]

mignone guitar azul

Mignone: Complete works for solo guitar (Azul Music)

Revelatory for the uninitiated [ZT]

Villa-Lobos: Complete Works for Solo Guitar (Proprius)

New light on old gems [ZT]

Bezaly synergy BIS2339

Sharon Bezaly (flute) Synergy (BIS)

Creative programming; superior renditions [ZT]

carulli rediscovered CDS7956

Carulli: Rediscovered (Dynamic)

Will challenge entrenched attitudes toward the solo music of Ferdinando Carulli [ZT]